Designed in Denmark, this sofa opens to a double bed when needed and tucks away nice and compact when you're done.
This kitchen renovation created a new open concept design by reconfiguring a Dining Room into the Kitchen space.
Custom 30 x 30 x 16h ottoman with corner seamed wool upholstery and brushed stainless steel legs. It's comfortable both as a sofa and as a bed and its dimensions allow it to fit in small spaces.

The new, larger kitchen permitted the addition of a much needed ground floor Powder Room.Our clientsa€™ love of travel and cooking required a kitchen to celebrate life adventures with family and friends. It is delivered unassembled, making it easy to get up stairs, through awkward doorways and into elevators.
A cozy bistro table is tucked into the island and perfectly centered to the existing living room opening.Traditional recessed panel cabinets are done in classic white and Metropolis grey. The grey, being a great compliment to the warmth of the existing birch floor.The peninsula separating the dining area features raised cabinets on the dining side that act as a visual barrier of the cooking side.

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