Learn what familiar weeds reveal about your lawn’s growing conditions and how you can control them. The aggressive growing dandelion has developed a reputation as the most recognized weed invading suburban lawns.
Ground ivy, also known as creeping Charlie, prefers shady, moist areas of a lawn with low fertility, but also grows in sunny areas. Chickweed is an annual weed that prefers shady, moist soil with higher fertility, although its seeds will sprout in dry soil. Annual bluegrass (Poa annua), crabgrass (Digitaria sanguinalis), yellow woodsorrel (Oxalis stricta), wild strawberry (Fragaria virginiana). Broadleaf plantain is a perennial weed that tends to appear in poor, thin lawns with compacted soil. Stems spread over the ground like ivy, rooting at leaf nodes (where leaves attach to the stem).

We tested 21 chef's knives, including some from celebrities, rating their cutting prowess on a range of foods as well as their handle and feel. No one wants to endure the battle of the annual bluegrass or the invasion of creeping Charlie. The best control is to dig them by hand, but be sure to get at least 2 inches of the taproot, or the root will resprout, yielding two plants. Both over and under watering favor its growth, as does consistently mowing the lawn too short.
It tends to appear where soil drains poorly, overwatering is occurring and the lawn is scalped. A thick, healthy lawn is your best defense against this weed’s wind-borne seeds taking root. If you know you have a heavy infestation, you can use a pre-emergent herbicide in early spring and fall to prevent seeds from germinating.

The seeds typically germinate in late summer, so a pre-emergent herbicide application then can prevent seed germination.
Another trick to kill chickweed is to step on stems to crush them slightly, and then sprinkle some lawn fertilizer over the broken plants. Check with your local extension office or a reputable garden center to fine-tune timing in your region.
When you kill off creeping Charlie, establish grass quickly to prevent the weed from returning. You’ll typically need to make several seasonal applications in both spring and fall to eradicate this weed.

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