Growing painted daisies in the garden adds spring and summer color from a compact 1 ?- to 2 ?- foot plant.
Painted daisy perennials, Tanacetum coccineum or Pyrethrum roseum, repel many bad bugs and browsing animals that are prone to munching on your valuable plants. Growing painted daisies in select areas of the garden can deter pests from surrounding plants.
Attractive, fine textured foliage and a range of colors make growing painted daisies an asset to any garden bed. When planting painted daisy perennials, plan the location where they can afford protection to more vulnerable plants.
Painted daisy growing tips include planting in a well-drained soil in a full sun to part shade location. Start from seeds four to six weeks before your last frost date or by division of existing plants in early spring or fall. Painted daisy care includes pinching back in spring when stems are 6 to 8 inches tall, promoting bushiness and a fuller plant. As you become more confident with growing painted daisy perennials, you’ll find yourself growing painted daisies in new areas of the garden to protect other plants as well.
The anthurium plant is grown as a houseplant in cooler areas and as a landscaping plants in USDA zones 10 or higher. Anthurium plants can tolerate all levels of indirect light, but anthuriums growing in low light will have fewer flowers and will grow slower. Also known as Honesty, of the genus Lunaria, silver dollar plants are named for their fruit, with pods dry to flat silverish discs about the size of — you guessed it! For many of us with more informal style gardens, surprises are always welcome and considered part of the fun. The dried stalks of the Lunaria silver dollar plant makes excellent additions to dried flower arrangements created from your landscape either in conjunction with other plants, such as grasses, or alone clustered in a vase.
They prefer a sunny location, but will grow well in semi-shade and have no particular preference for soil type, which is why they are so likely to turn up growing among your more fussy garden plants.
Care instructions usually include at least one dose of general use fertilizer per year, but again, they’ll accept whatever you offer surrounding plants. Give them a try and form your own opinion about the value of learning how to grow money plants in your garden.
One particular species of bulldog ant, the jack jumper ant, has an especially bad reputation. Three nuisance pest species of ants doesn’t sound too bad for a continent with 1,300 different kinds of ants, but those were only the native species.
Coastal brown ants hail from Africa but are now common along the east coast and south to the Sydney area. Argentine ants came from South America, but they have now decided that Australia suits them quite well and are established pests in Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart, northern Tasmania and Perth.
It can be difficult to control ants, especially when they have become established in large colonies. If you live where irrigation systems are a natural part of landscaping you are familiar with the commonly used white PVC pipes. Made out of resilient vinyl, these irrigation materials come in a wide assortment of lengths and widths.
Here is a sampling of some of the garden structures you can build with PVC irrigation pipe. One application might be to a box form or a square tunnel made from PVC then creating walls with chicken wire, hardware cloth, or even shade cloth for outdoor pet enclosures or exercise structures. Another handy garden use for PVC might be to assemble plant stands or tables topped with a thin piece of flagstone, wood or another tabletop material.
Try building any of these structures out of PVC for quick, easy and inexpensive help in the garden. Jane Schwartz Gates is a professional landscaping contractor, author, artist, and public speaker. Gates and Croft Landscaping ServicesProfessional landscaping services offered in Southern California.
A harbinger of spring in parts of the country that enjoy mild winters, flowering dogwood trees boast an abundance of pink, white or red flowers long before the first leaves appear in spring. In addition, if pruned while the tree is actively growing in spring and summer, the wounds bleed copious amounts of messy sap. Dogwood trees have a naturally attractive shape and don’t require routine pruning, but there are some circumstances where pruning and trimming dogwood trees becomes necessary. Before pruning a dogwood tree, you should be aware that removing large branches can damage the trunk if the heavy branch breaks away and tears down the trunk as you begin to cut. Make the first cut on the underside of the branch, 6 to 12 inches out from the trunk of the tree.
When you’re ready for trimming dogwood trees in your yard, it also helps to know a little bit about when and how to prune a flowering dogwood tree. Remove undersized twigs and branches that detract from the shape of the tree to open up the canopy for better air circulation and to let in sunlight. Suckers that grow at the base of a dogwood tree use energy that the tree needs for proper growth. The lower limbs on a dogwood tree sometimes hang so low that you can’t mow under the tree or enjoy the shade it provides. When two branches cross and rub together, they create wounds that allow insects and diseases to gain a foothold. Now that you know the basics of dogwood tree pruning, you can enjoy your trees without the worry of them becoming unsightly or sick.
Cucumbers are another salad favourite and although they can be quite reasonably priced and readily available during summer, there is nothing tastier and more satisfying than growing your own.  If planting now, seedlings are recommended however if you would like to give seeds a go, wait until next year in early spring to begin the process. Use drinking water rather than recycled water when irrigating newly planted seedlings.  Some grey water can contain micro-organisms that young plants may not be strong enough to cope with. Keep plants healthy and strong enough to fight disease by feeding regularly, watering when necessary and weeding. When a disease is already present in your garden, avoid it spreading by cleaning and disinfecting all gardening tools after they have been used.  This may be good practice even when disease does not appear to be evident in the garden.
A second crop of all those summer favourites you planted in late spring and early summer can now be planted again to ensure you have a continuing supply of fresh produce.
Plants in containers dry out quickly so move them into the shade and organise for them to be watered when necessary – especially when you are away enjoying your summer holidays.
Move indoor plants a little further away from large windows to avoid their sensitive foliage from being damaged by the harsh summer sun.

Dethatch at least once a year in the early spring or fall to help water and nutrients make their way to the lawn roots.
A vine that does not support itself will need to have a network of supports installed on a building or in an open space, while a self supporting vine won't need anything at all - just something to climb on. Starting with the self supporting vine, you need to check that the surface you want it to grow over is strong enough to take the extra weight. With the grape vine you know that this will be easy to grow across a frame work about eight feet above the ground.
Once you have decided where the vine is going to go you need to encourage it to grow so that you can train it into the right direction. Painted daisy perennials are the perfect height for those hard to fill middle spots in the garden when early spring blooms are dying back. Repellant properties are so beneficial that petals of the white variety are dried and used in the organic insecticide Pyrethrum.
Pests and the painted daisy plant don’t normally exist in the same area, although young plants may occasionally be bothered by aphids or leaf miners. Painted daisy perennials come in shades of red, yellow, pink, violet and white, with yellow centers. For instance, you can include this multi-tasking flower in the vegetable garden, along with nasturtiums and marigolds, to diminish insect damage. As summer blooms fade, cut the plant back for more blooms in autumn to help protect fall garden crops. Proper care for anthurium is easy to do as long as you provide a few key elements for the plant. If you are growing this plant as a houseplant, half and half mix of potting soil and orchid soil or perlite will provide the kind of soil anthuriums prefer. The plant only needs to be fertilized with a one-quarter strength fertilizer once every three to four months. Thomas Jefferson grew them in the famous gardens of Monticello and mentioned them in his letters. They are delicate, four-petaled, pink to purple blossoms grown in racemes or clusters atop the long stems and bloom in early to mid-summer.
Once you learn how to grow money plants, they tend to become permanent additions to the landscape and pop up anywhere except where you wanted them.
Seeds can be directly sown at any time from spring to fall but are easiest to plant in the spring. They are thought to be relatively primitive ants and are called “bulldog” ants because of their aggressive behaviour. These ants, noted for their iridescent blue-green sheen, are the most conspicuous of all Australian ants. These ants seem to be attracted to plastics, and they frequently infest electrical wiring and irrigation equipment. In their native environment, these ants are aggressive and provide a self-limiting control over one another.
Although they have different physical characteristics, their small size can make them difficult to identify. Not only is construction easy – rather like assembling simple Lego pieces — but it will be inexpensive and you can simply disassemble the pieces when you are done. A basic table format will remain open at the pipe ends so the water fills inside so the structure sits at the bottom of the pond. These can be connected with rope, netting, wire grids or other materials to create fencing. A basic square skeleton shape fitted together in any size can make the perfect way to shade delicate or newly planted plants when the top is covered with shade cloth. Then use your imagination to create something out of this irrigation pipe that will make your garden more fun or efficient.
Since they grow only 15 to 30 feet tall, there is room for a dogwood tree in almost any landscape.
Therefore, the best time to prune a dogwood tree is in late fall and winter while the tree is dormant. Pruning a dogwood tree when these situations arise helps prevent insects and disease from infesting the tree and allows for better growth and shape.
Therefore, you should remove branches larger than two inches in diameter by making three cuts to prevent tearing. Augustine is a warm-weather grass found in five different varietals that thrive in the subtropical humidity and warmth of the Southern United States.
Augustine grass weekly with 1-inch of water to keep the deep blue green coloration and lush carpet effect. A vine of a creeping ivy plant will probably be allowed to go anywhere as long as it doesn't cover windows and block out the light. The little gluey pads that ivy uses to attach itself to surfaces could be enough to support the vine. What is harder to estimate is the weight that a mature vine can attain when it is covered in fruit.
The chances are that the ivy is already reasonably well established near the wall you want it to climb, so you just need to move the main stems towards it. The ivy can be trained around windows by simply replacing any tendrils that come across it. To get the best blooms, use a fertilizer that has a higher phosphorus number (the middle number). An anthurium growing in your garden or home will reward you with wonderful, long lasting flowers. They hail from Europe and were one of the first flowers grown in the dooryard gardens of the New World for their pods and edible roots. The seed pods produced by these dainty flowers are what make caring for a money plant worthwhile. Growing info usually points this out as a negative because the silver dollar’s papery pods are carried like kites on the wind and germinate where they fall. While some of these ants are common everywhere, quite a few species have been encountered by biologists less than 10 times.
Despite having so many species of ants, there are really only three groups of Australian ants that are commonly encountered: bulldog ants, meat ants, and green weaver ants.
They have better vision than most other ants and vigorously defend their colonies against perceived intruders. Like bees or wasps, the ants inject venom with the sting that can cause an anaphylactic reaction in allergic individuals.

The most notable and commonly encountered examples are coastal brown ants, Singapore ants, and Argentine ants. Coastal brown ants infest both indoor and outdoor areas, and they are a serious impediment to gardening. Like coastal brown ants, Singapore ants are a major agricultural nuisance, especially where crops are harvested by hand. Getting a close enough look to identify the type of ant can, especially the case of bulldog ants, result in painful bites or stings. And it makes PVC pipes with all their various connectors into handy, inexpensive outdoor construction materials for any climate.
The hollow pipes are lightweight, slightly flexible and capable of conducting liquid and air. This way you can set potted bog plants so they sit in water in the middle of the pond where they would not find a perch otherwise. A light cover like this can be used for hot or cold spells and can protect the plants beneath for a whole season if necessary. They seldom need pruning, but when the need does arise, correct dogwood tree pruning leads to a healthier, more attractive tree. Make the second cut about an inch beyond the first one, cutting completely through the branch. It has an identifiably coarse blade texture and spreads aggressively by over soil runners and stolons.
Partial daily shade that is lightly filtered or dappled can be tolerated well but full shade conditions will cause the grass to thin and become patchy.
In cooler climates water once a week deeply and in warmer or drier climates split the waterings into two or more sessions each week.
Augustine builds a thicker thatch more readily than most other lawn grass varietals largely due to the width and thickness of its blades and stolons. A grape vine will need to be kept within reasonably easy reach so that the grapes can be harvested. The number of support points that are holding up the vine will spread the load, but will the load be too much?
If they will reach and go up the wall you should hammer some nails into the wall and tie the vines to them. Measure the area the vine is going to cover and install a ten foot scaffold pole in each corner. If you allow the plant to become too dry in a pot, it will slow down its growth and the rootball will be difficult to rewet.
Perhaps this is because many gardeners consider caring for a money plant the same as caring for a weed. By late summer, the large flat seed pods have dried to silvery discs that show off the seeds inside. While lunarias are biennials, growing one year and flowering the next, they are so prolific they are often mistaken for perennials and considered invasive.
Unfortunately for humans, walking in a yard where they have colonized is enough to warrant a response. Unlike their flying cousins, however, jack jumper ants can – and often do – sting multiple times in a single encounter. Although they are quite aggressive, they do not sting and are commonly considered beneficial. Other species, such as the white-footed house ant, the pharaoh ant and the black house ant are also common pests but are found inside homes. Biologists believe the colonies are more tolerant of neighbouring colonies because they are all descended from a very limited gene pool.
It also has a distinctively bluish-green coloration and appreciates humidity and moisture but will tolerate occasional drought when well-established and mature. The vines will always tend to grow vertically and they will attach themselves to the wall, so you only need to let the vine grow. If the rootball becomes too dry in the pot, soak the pot the anthurium plant is in for an hour to rehydrate it. They certainly aren’t suitable for more formal gardens, but they can be a delight elsewhere. What the money plant growing info usually fails to mention is they are so much easier to weed out than most other garden annoyances. Central and South America both more species of ants, while North America, Europe, northern Asia and even Africa have fewer species.
They have extremely painful bites, and an encounter with a bulldog ant is not something soon forgotten. It is estimated that 3% of the Australian population is allergic to this venom, and these ants can be quite dangerous. They attack and eliminate colonies of other, more harmful ant species and also kill and eat invasive cane toads. They hunt and kill insects which are harmful to crops and are highly effective biological pest control agents in the Australian fruit industry.
Because they are all in the same family, so to speak, they have formed immense colonies with hundreds of queen ants and millions of workers.
Exterminators can quickly identify the type of ant infestation and provide a control measure effective for that particular species. As an alternative to granular lawn food apply a general purpose liquid plant fertilizer diluted with water three to four times per growing season according to the label directions. Australian species vary in length from 1 to 30 mm, and range in colour from black, brown, green, red or yellow to many combinations of these colours.
Orchards with green weaver ants produce fruit with fewer blemishes without the use of chemical pesticides. In 2004, a colony of Argentine ants more than 100 kilometres wide was found near Melbourne. Use heavy duty steel wire to bridge the frame from one side to the other so that the vine has several horizontal routes across the frame.
They can be welcome neighbours in a rural setting but quite a nuisance when they colonize a lawn.
They frequently colonize ornamental trees and are quite a nuisance to workers harvesting fruits.

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