If blight is very severe you could even see all the foilage just rotting away really quickly. This would eventually lead to the entire potato going mushy and soft and rotting and turning into what is best describes as 'a really bad smelling lump'! Also, ensure you get all the Potatoes out of the ground when you harvest your crops and check harvested crops regularly for any signs of blight. Regardless of what treatment you use, all you have to do is spray the treatment over the leaves when the weather conditions indicate blight conditions and ensure you have the undersides treated as well. This is a ready made powder similar to Burgundy Mix and available in your local garden centre.
Keep in mind you need dry conditions to do this, so don't apply if we have just had rain! The leaves need to be dry and it needs to stay dry for at least 4 hours afterwards to prevent the rain from washing away the treatment.
REMEMBER ALSO – Keep an eye on Tomato crops also, they are members of the Potato family and so can also be affected by blight.

Mimosa Trees BloomingBy Stacey Morgan Smith, July 12th, 2012, Shenandoah Valley, VirginiaThese trees smell lovely! When we are discussing about front yard landscaping ideas, there will be two types of design that are commonly used by many people this day. Just as implies in the first paragraph, there are two style of garden design that are commonly used this day. Then give it about 2 weeks for the spores to die off the surface, then loosen the ground very gently and remove those Potatoes from the ground.
Spraying with an Anti fungal such as DITHANE will help you prevent blight, but you will need to act at the right time and continue the treatment every 10 to 14 days during blight warnings to maintain your prevention programme. The first one is the oriental garden design and the second one is the western garden design. I try to only plant native trees, but it was already here, and I’m enjoying it and controlling its spread. These types of garden style will make your garden look simple and relaxing which is suitable for small size garden or yard.

The oriental garden design more focused on eastern decoration that is much simpler than the western counterpart.
On the other hand there are the second garden designs that are mainly designed for large size garden or yard.
The western style design is perfect for large garden because it offer a fabulous and luxurious concept that will make your garden look more appealing. On the other hand, the western style offer a complex design that offer a beautifully crafted decoration such as classic garden lamp, chairs and stone statue.
Of course, it is preferable to see the front yard landscaping ideas pictures first reflecting the aforementioned design before deciding to decorate your garden.

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