Ideal for the garden or patio this classic and traditional style is ageless and will look good in a country cottage garden or even on a roof garden.
Wonderful crisscross design on the table show the quality grain used in construction surrounded by a deep band of teak.
Our teak furniture is delivered fully constructed by Just Teak staff to the highest standards. Our teak garden benches have beautiful detailing, for example, this curved and shaped arm rest.
When I lived in one of my smallest houses, a sweet little English cottage in Portland, I created a tiny little garden in the back yard where there was previously just an ordinary plot of dirt and scraggly grass. I didn’t plant a vegetable garden, but more of an English style plant garden with lots of pretty little ground covers, boxwoods, rocks, a little bridge and stone pathways.
You might remember my vertical pallet flower garden, my fairy garden and my cute 5 minute gardens from last year! I was setting up our table for a Spring Brunch the other day and decided I wanted to use my blue and white teacups as charming miniature container gardens.

So, off we went to our local gardening center in search of some of the cutest little plants to fill the teacups.
Literally 5 minutes after we returned home, we had our miniature teacup gardens planted and ready to decorate the spring brunch table! Similar teacups can be found online here or at many antique stores or flea markets (affiliate link used).
I just did the same project this past weekend with repurposed serving dishes; love this idea and what a great way to create a mini garden and bring Spring in doors.
These teacup planters are adorable and so inexpensive you could teacups at a thrift store and create a whole new look. Stay up-to-date with everything going on at Army & Navy by following us on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram! But while I haven’t yet done any landscaping here at my house house, I have been enjoying creating small little container and even vertical gardens!
Fortunately, those little plants are PERFECT for container gardening or small gardens inside and out!

They are easy to care for, simple to plant and obviously the most precious little plants ever.
You can actually pick the plant right up out of the cup and give it a little misting or water and put it back in the cup! You can even just pick the plant up and mist it or give it some water and put it back in the cup! One of my mini goals this spring is to learn how to keep my plants alive as I have had some terrible luck (or terrible skills!) with houseplants in the past.

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