When gardening organically, think of your fruit and vegetables as part of an eco system that starts in the soil and includes the water supply, people, wildlife and even insects. Organic gardeners rely on developing a healthy, fertile soil and growing a mixture of crops.  Genetically modified (GM) crops are constantly in the news as of late and are not allowed under organic standards because they are modified and not original to their variety, they are unsafe and untested. The merging together of plants and soil allowing the Earth to naturally bear what it was made to do would be considered organic gardening.
You might wander how you can garden without herbicides and pesticides and how are you going to control the weeds, bugs, and animals that may threaten a thriving garden? But the thing is, for years gardeners have been growing things just fine without the use of chemicals. We should be able to use the same ingredients as the early settlers used rather than franken chemicals born in a chemist’s laboratory.
Vegetables and fruit produced using organic method tastes better, have more vitamins and minerals and have none of the cancer causing chemicals in them.
There has been a great rise in the interest of ecology and concern about the environment that has bred new life to this form of gardening. Taking advantage companion planting and natural predators the home gardener can manage pest control and maintain an organic garden quite easily. Most people who decide to start organic gardening report that the enjoyment they receive is paramount to their decision to go the route of no-chemicals in favor of the all-natural route.  Many people like to watch the tender new growth come to full maturity and, as a bonus, you get to eat it! Naturally grown corn on the cob and newly picked green beans are especially noticeable, but nothing compares to vine ripened organically grown tomato.
A phenomenon noted by most people when harvesting their very first vegetables from their very first garden is that everyone eats much more of a given vegetable than they would of a similar commercial variety.
For a gardener who still isn’t convinced about the need to garden organically, here are some statistics that may help change your mind.
The choice is yours, it’s really not that difficult to go the organic route and the health benefits will be worth the trouble. Over three days, Gardening Australia Live will inform, inspire and entertain with the best advice and tips for implementing a more sustainable lifestyle. All the presenters from ABC TV’s Gardening Australia will be on-hand demonstrating their skills and sharing their knowledge. Keeping guests entertained and informed will be a jam-packed program of live presentations on how to grow and maintain any garden, Pasture to Plate cooking demonstrations and interactive workshops, covering all the basics to getting your garden growing, including soil preparation, planting and maintenance. With something for the whole family, the interactive event will include an ABC Kids Precinct complete with guest appearances from ABC Kids TV characters, an animal petting farm, face painting and workshops perfect for getting little hands dirty. Rounding out the event will be an extensive range of stalls with gardening supplies and tools, seedlings and plants, pots and decor as well as local and organic produce; industry experts from the largest associations and societies will be on hand to answer questions along with a plant-sitting service for purchases made at the show.
March 19, 2015 By Divine Home Care Gardening gets you out in the fresh air and sunshine.  It also gets your blood moving and circulating.
Thank you Crystal Lawver, RN Case Manager, Divine Home Care – Litchfield for contributing this blog post.
Facebook Discussions on Garden Garden Ideas Modern Tritmonk Outdoor Garden Design Inspiration For Landscaping Backyard Centre Pergola Whimsical Home CreativeJoin the discussion on this Garden Garden Ideas Modern Tritmonk Outdoor Garden Design Inspiration For Landscaping Backyard Centre Pergola Whimsical Home Creative using your faceb??k account below. Buying the right type of garden equipments can be quite confusing for beginners but there are some basic tools which can be identified easily. Shovels: One of the most common and basic tools required for gardening includes the shovels.
Pruning Shears: Necessary lawn tools should include pruning shears to trim plants and cut dead branches. Spading forks: Another useful lawn tool includes the spading forks which are similar to spades. Lawn movers: The list of garden equipments is incomplete without the mention of lawn movers. Water cans: Various kinds of water cans are available which include copper water cans, light weight water cans, and portable copper water cans.
If you are ruminating on what to plant in your garden, re-landscaping or adding to the home landscape, you may be considering any number of perennial garden plants. Some trees and shrubs retain their foliage throughout the year, but most herbaceous perennials, including many flowering perennials, die back to the ground during the first fall freezes.
Because perennials are considered hardy, many may be directly sown into the garden rather than starting indoors.

Some perennials behave like annuals, just as some annuals continue to grow like perennials.
Annuals generally have showier flowers with season long color compared to perennials, but they need to be set out year after year while perennials keep on giving.
Another upside to perennial plantings is the amazing varieties of color, texture and sizes available. While some perennials can be grown from seed saved from existing specimens, often the resulting plant is not true to the original. By Lesley Cuddington, Vancouver Physiotherapist at Teamworks Health Clinic  What is the pelvic floor? Avoid prolonged bending, pushing and pulling while raking and hoeing, which can strain shoulders or the lower back.Use long-handled tools, or the resulting forward and sideways bending can aggravate the neck or lower back.
To avoid strain and muscle spasm on one side of the body, switch hands frequently while raking or hoeing. When using a hedge trimmer, keep your back straight and use short strokes to avoid upper arm and neck strain. Carry medium-to-small sized loads of debris close to your body, or use a wheelbarrow to avoid strain on your back. Our collective of highly qualified and accredited healthcare practitioners share a passion for professional collaboration and comprehensive patient care. An organic gardener strives to work in harmony with natural systems and to minimize and continually replenish any resources the garden consumes. The plants and the soil are one working together to provide food and nourishment not only to humans but to animals and organisms as well. Herbicides and pesticides were considered the gardeners best friend and now you will be expected not to use them? Early settlers of our land did not have any herbicides, pesticides or synthetic fertilizers and they got along just fine.
It only makes sense that we should be able to apply the same principles to get the same results as they did today. By using natural materials, such as kitchen and garden scraps a gardener can create compost and fertilize the garden naturally. Organic gardening goes way beyond lack of chemicals in our vegetables and fruit and the benefits for us and our families.
They found that about half of the essential nutrients on our food had been reduced by as much as 38 percent as compared to the 1950′s. Many of the immune enhancing compounds that make life wonderful, make our food taste wonderful, and also protect us from cancers and a lot of chronic disease.
When you take your first bite of an organically grown tomato it’s something you won’t forget and you will never want a commercially grown tomato again. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) considers 60 percent of herbicides, 90 percent of fungicides, and 30 percent of insecticides to be carcinogenic.
Studies have found significantly higher levels of nutrients such as vitamin C, iron, magnesium and phosphorus, and significantly less nitrates (a toxin) in organic crops. A 2003 study in the Journal of Agricultural Food Chemistry concluded that organic foods are better for fighting cancer.
You will be able to recycle your kitchen and garden waste and at the same time help save the environment. Costa Georgiadis and the cast from ABC TV’s Gardening Australia will make a welcome return to the interactive gardening event, Gardening Australia Live, from 18th to 20th October 2013 at the Hordern Pavilion and Royal Hall of Industries, Moore Park. Costa Georgiadis, Josh Byrne, Tino Carnevale, Jerry Coleby-Williams, Jane Edmanson, John Patrick, Angus Stewart and Sophie Thomson will be there to help answer your gardening questions. Gardening is considered moderate to high intensity exercise.  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention you can burn up to 330 calories during one hour of gardening. Food you grow at home is the freshest food you can eat.  Homegrown food is not chemically altered and has more nutritional value.
If you have little space or experience, start with a few houseplants or gardening containers.
There are various types of hand tools as well as power tools that can be used for various purposes. The following section describes some of these tools which can be bought from many of the online stores at affordable rates.

Weeds can be found in every garden and it is essential to remove them easily without destroying the plants. Different types of lawn movers are available today which include electric lawn movers, heavy duty lawn movers, petrol lawn mover and so forth. What is a perennial then, and what other perennial plant facts may influence your decision? That is, the leaves, stems and flowers die back to the ground, leaving a dormant root structure. Keep in mind that when direct sown, the plant will bloom in either the spring or summer of the second year, continuing to bloom thereafter, year after year.
A combination of the two may result in the longest period of blossoms with a revolving rainbow of colors. However, with a little research, an entire flower bed may be filled with a variety of perennial plants, allowing for continuous blooming as one plant ends and another one flowers. They do require some pruning and maintenance, but their longevity makes this well worth the effort. Once your body is warm from your brisk walk, perform some stretches to get your muscles prepared for activity.
Organic gardeners don’t use pesticides, herbicides or synthetic fertilizers on their plants. And in 2005, scientists found that, compared to rats that ate conventional diets, organically fed rats experienced a variety of health benefits. The sights, smells, and sounds of the garden are said to promote relaxation and reduce stress. Gardeners require many kinds of tools but there are some essential tools required for proper gardening. Weather conditions and other stresses such as drought affect how long, how productive or when a plant will grow. Also, a clump or mass grouping of perennials may add pizzazz in a flowering garden; just keep in mind the eventual size of the cultivar. The list of perennials is mind boggling and each year breeders come out with additional cultivars.
On the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute’s recommendation list is gardening to help battle hypertension. According to Thrive, which helps people with a range of mental health problems, our elderly population with dementia is going to just increase which will put more strain on the health care system. For example tomatoes, herbs, peppers, potatoes, green beans, zucchini, and cucumbers all grow very well in large or little pots. Pruning shears can also be differentiated by two types mainly the hand and machine operated shears. With wide and varied options of tools and equipments, it is important to know the type of tools required for your garden. Northern regions of the United States, with their shorter growing season and cooler temperatures, may effectively render what is categorized as a perennial into an annual. Doing a small garden which has shown to improve a dementia person’s mood and sociability with others is well worth the effort. Shovels with flat edges at the top of the blades prove to be more useful as you can place your foot on it while digging the soil. Different shaped hoes are available today, so it is important to choose hoes that provide comfortable handles.
Here in the Pacific Northwest, I have had annuals bloom for a couple of years in a row due to our temperate climate since we rarely freeze for any lengthy period of time. Vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium which in turn keeps your bones strong and immune system healthy.
A way to reclaim the lives we have lost in busy schedules.  Working in a garden can ease stress, keep you limber, and improve your mood.

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