Hammer – is a hand held tool used for delivering a sudden blow or impact in an object most commonly known for driving nails, fitting parts, forging metals and breaking apart objects.
Wrench – also known as spanner, this tool is used for gripping and especially with turning capacity such as rotary fasteners like nuts and bolts.
Pliers – a tool designed for holding objects firmly but is also useful in bending and compressing materials. Knife – a tool used for cutting with a cutting edge or a blade with the blade being made from various materials with which have advantages and disadvantages.
Screwdriver – a tool used for turning screws that has a handle and a shaft with the tip being inserted into the screw head for turning. Blade-Type Screwdriver – one of the most common types of driver that drives flat bladed screws. Cultivator – a gardening power tool used in tilling soil using shanks in piercing the soil as they’re being dragged to it.
Draw Hoe – a long handled garden tool that is used for weeding that uses a chopping action that would draw up soil around the plants. Garden Fork – a long handled garden tool fork that has 4-5 rounded prongs or tines that is used in digging soil if it gets difficult to use a spade. Rake – a long handled garden tool that can create a fine tilth for your desired garden bed and helpful in leveling out the soil gathering up the surface stones.
Electricity – electric-powered mowers, gives just the same service with gasoline-generated mowers but works more quietly. String Trimmer – also known as weed-whacker or a weed eater, a gardening tool used for cutting grass and other plants using a flexible monofilament line instead of a blade. Irrigation Sprinklers – widely used in sandy areas as sprinkles provide irrigation and is also helpful in controlling airborne dust by spraying water in the air through sprinklers that could break up water into small drops.
Hedge Trimmer – also known as shrub trimmer or bush trimmer used for cutting hedges and shrub that is available in both manual and powered versions. Wheelbarrow– hand held garden toolstorage used in transferring soil with a wheel in the front and a handle for handling. Dibber – a hand held garden tool used for making holes or seed drills for putting off seeds in the soil and can be available in plastic, wood or metal. Watering Can – water containers with sprinkles used for watering plants especially those smaller ones. Aprons and Gloves – aprons are used for clothing protection while gloves are for hand protection.

In this lesson you will learn the English words for some common gardening equipment using pictures and words.
To print the lesson on learning garden equipment vocabulary right click on a white space and choose print.
Not only will you feel so cool with these huge scoops on your hands, they make cleaning out the garden a snap! The worst part about gardening is the dirt that refuses to get out from under your fingernails. Here I am hard at work in my garden wearing my trusty Bogs boots and keeping my hands clean with my gloves.
I’ve really wanted to start a garden but have been worried it would cost way to much to start. I would say a very cost effective way of starting a garden is to start with gardening in pots. At last, the snow is receding, the crocus have poked their little heads through the thawing ground, and we anxiously wait for the street sweepers to come rid our roads of all the leftover sand and salt.
Not all shrubbery should be pruned in the Spring but if items in your garden show signs of winter damage (broken or bent branches), those should be pruned regardless of plant type. All perennial foliage that wasn’t cut back in the Fall needs to be cut back and removed now. Now is the time to also make a list of all the perennials in your garden that need dividing. There may be snow in parts of your yard but it’s still a good idea to begin thinking about and planning for your garden. It always seems like some sort of a bad comedy routine when you have your hands full of leaves or grass clippings and you try to stick them in a plastic bag that is laying on the ground.
I can’t wait for gardening season to be in full swing and I get to see the fruits of my labor. Whether or not you were able to do a first pass in the Fall, cleaning up the leaves and excess debris in your flower beds, garden and under trees is necessary to keep your yard free of mold and rot. As the days grow longer and the weather improves, you will want to be doing more pleasant activities and enjoying your garden, not working so hard in it. We hope you'll join us as we share from the experiences of our staff and their 35+ years of expert knowledge.
You may spend a lot of time trying to figure out what’s the perfect tool should you use in doing and undoing things in your backyard.

As an Amazon Prime member I get free 2 day shipping on the majority of the items on Amazon as well as free instant videos, movies and ebooks. These should be pruned after they flower and although they may look dead, more often than not they aren’t. With the increase in daylight and gradually warmer temperatures they wake up much earlier than other plants. Any plants that look like they are invading each other’s space or that have a bald spot in the center must be divided to promote continued good health.
Determining the planting time is easier when you make decisions about what you want to plant. You can avoid the stress in choosing simply by learning the basic functions of the tools used in your gardening needs.
DISCLAIMER: The content on the blog Happy Money Saver is for educational and informational purposes only, and is not intended as medical advice. Here is a Spring to do list we know will get your yard and garden back on track for the year ahead. Tackle the worst problems now and perhaps save a few of the lesser offenders for the end of the season or next year.
Here is the list of some tools that are essentially used in gardening and the basic knowledge you need to learn about them. This has been used by human since the Stone Age when stones were still used by ancestors in hammering or cutting. I am not a medical professional and the information contained on this blog should not be used to diagnose, treat or prevent any disease or health illness.
As the knowledge of human progress, various gardenhand tools have been improved to make an even promising performance in its function.
Please consult with a qualified healthcare professional before acting on any information presented here. Shrub roses, climbing rose and rambling roses can all be pruned down by removing a quarter to a third of the plant while also removing dead canes.
Neither is right or wrong, it’s whatever works best for you and the types of vegetables you wish to grow.

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