Extending yourself backwards and into the unknown helps you to confront your fears when life presents you with challenges.
Backbends offer a fantastic counterpose to most of the forward bending we do during the day like sitting at a desk, driving and housework.
When you are feeling sluggish, tamasic or in a rut, backbends shift the energy and leave the mind clear and focused. Our bodies are not used to bending backwards and special care should be taken when doing backbends. Lie with your back on the floor, feet hip distance apart and bring your hands above your head to rest on the floor behind you.
Bring your hands below your pelvis to support your back and extend through the arms to help you stay on the tops of your shoulders.
On an exhalation, lift the right knee into the body, then inhale and extend the leg perpendicular to the floor. Caution: Avoid this pose if you have experienced any neck injuries or recurring pain in the neck. Lie with your back on the floor and bend and raise your elbows over the head and place the palms under your shoulders. Exhale and lift the trunk and head off the floor and arch the back so that the weight is taken on the palms and the soles of the feet. Pull the thigh muscles still higher by lifting the heels off the floor, maintaining the stretch of the spine. After performing Urdhva Dhanurasana, exhale and raise your right leg off the floor, bringing your knee into your torso. Effects: In addition to the benefits derived by Urdhva Dhanurasana, this beautiful asana develops a sense of balance and gives grace and poise. Caution: It is not recommended to practice Urdhva Danurasana when menstruating, pregnant, very tired, suffering from high or low blood pressure, carpal tunnel syndrome, headache or heart problems. Inhaling, hug your knees to your chest and bring your chin towards your knees and hold your breath for five counts.
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The injured party received non-life threatening injuries and was treated at the Ely-Bloomenson Community Hospital. Backbends open the chest and heart centre (Anahata chakra) and encourage inhalation – an action associated with embracing life. They warm the system, increase energy, invigorate tired bodies and bring flexibility to the spine. Warms ups are essential to going into our backbends and we must do counteractions when we have completed a backbend session to free the back from tension that may have built up. Push your tailbone upward toward the pubis, firming (but not hardening) the buttocks, and lift the buttocks off the floor. The distance between the palms should not be wider than the shoulders and the fingers should point towards the feet. Stretch the arms away from the shoulders until the elbows are straight and, at the same time, pull the thigh muscles up.
Walk the feet a little closer to the hands and then press the heels back into the floor again. Inhale and extend the leg straight, keeping it at an angle of about 45 degrees to the floor.
Touch your big toes together and sit on your heels, then separate your knees about as wide as your hips. It also stimulates the abdominal organs, such as the liver and kidneys and improves digestion.

Urdhva Dhanurasana is therefore about wholeness and unity – it is also the ultimate energising asana. Because of this expansion into the heart centre, you are also bringing a joyful vitality into your life. It however works to awaken and energise all seven chakras, clearing out your personal blockages as well as the nadis. Working with total awareness will bring you into contact with not only your physical capabilities and strengths, but will help you to work out your problems on an emotional level too. We should also always work according to our own capabilities as many people are on different levels in their practice and yoga is done for the self and not to please or compete with others in class. To come out the asana, bend your knees to the floor with an exhalation and rest in Child’s Pose again.
Bending backwards turns the body out to face the world and helps you to see things from a different perspective.
They are dynamic postures which move to counter gravity and therefore require and build energy and strength, especially in the wrists, arms, legs, buttocks and spine.
Cerebral spinal fluids are further pumped into the body resulting in a clearer mind and opening up of all the nadis in the body. To come out the asana, bend the elbows and knees, release the arch in the back, lowering the head back to the floor and unfolding the spine back onto the floor gently from the shoulders to the tailbone. Although they can be initially very challenging, practicing backbends can help to increase energy and counteract depression. Backbends stimulate the lymphatic system, pumping lymphatic fluids by opening the chest, armpits and groin where lymph nodes and glands are located. The kidneys and adrenals are squeezed, further enhancing this cleansing action, while simultaneously releasing adrenaline, which can feel like a buzzy rush for some and create a feeling of fear for others, especially beginners.
Feel how the weight of the front shoulders pulls the shoulder blades wide across your back. Firm the outer arms and your shoulder blades against your back, then widen them and draw them toward the tailbone. If you are depressed or stressed, go and do a backbend session – they are dynamic and you will feel revitalised, energetic and light. Now inhale and raise your right leg parallel to the line of your torso, and hold for 30 seconds, keeping the hips level and pressing through the heel.

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