For new moms, this milestone marks the date when her ob-gyn checks her out and makes sure she’s recovering well from giving birth. For new dads, it marks the day the doctor confirms his lady’s lady parts are open for business. You got a babysitter and made a great dinner reservation, fully expecting that steak for two and Pinot would lead to a nice sex romp back at home.

So either eat lighter or have the sitter come early and entertain the kids while you and she quietly do your thing before that fancy dinner. And don’t scrutinize the Visa bill and grill her about the $200 she spent on her sexy new haircut.
When you walk in the door begging for sex, you look to her like one more person who needs something from her.

She write movies, blogs, and ad copy and you can find her inner-most snarky thoughts at Bad Sandy.

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