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Variegated Ribbon Grass' attractive grassy leaves are lime green in colour with showy white variegation.
Variegated Ribbon Grass is an herbaceous ornamental grass with an upright spreading habit of growth. Variegated Ribbon Grass will grow to be about 32 inches tall at maturity, with a spread of 3 feet. Its medium texture blends into the garden, but can always be balanced by a couple of finer or coarser plants for an effective composition.

It grows at a fast rate, and under ideal conditions can be expected to live for approximately 20 years. It is an amazingly adaptable plant, tolerating both dry conditions and even some standing water.
Allen Smith Collection Park's Selects Katie's Krops Cool-Season Veggies 3-Sisters Climbing Veggies Container Veggies Direct-Sow Veggies Gourmet Veggies Heirloom Veggies Multi-Seed Pellets Organic Veggies Park's Whoppers Quick-Crops Root Veggies Seed Tapes Shade Tolerant Veggies for Beginners Artichoke Arugula Asparagus Beet Bean Broccoli Brussels Sprouts Cabbage Cantaloupe Carrot Cauliflower Celery Collards Corn Cucumber Eggplant Garlic Greens Gourds Kale Kohlrabi Leek Lettuce Melon Mushroom Growing Kits Mustard Okra Onion Pak Choi Pea Peanut Pepper Potato Pumpkin Radicchio Radish Scallion--> Shallot Soybean Spinach Sprouts Squash Swiss Chard Tomatillo Tomato Turnip Watermelon Zucchini Shop All Vegetable Seeds Shop All Vegetable Plants Shop All Vegetables Flowers The Calling Cards of the Garden! Not only is it much, MUCH cold-hardier than most -- happy all the way through zone 4 in the north! And when the flowers finally stop arriving in fall, the foliage leaps into the limelight by turning bright red!Limelight begins its show in early to midsummer, when plentiful flower clusters of rich chartreuse-to-lime arise all over the large shrub. As they mature, they first turn pure white, then darken to all shades of pink, finally settling on a rich rosy hue!

Cut them at any point in the color show and they'll remain that shade, of course -- so you can get a 4-color bouquet from a single shrub, and a fully-blooming plant has every color present at once! Folks, Hydrangeas just don't do this -- Limelight is extraordinary!Now, the flowers arise in big, fluffy domes packed with little florets, and when I tell you that these domes reach 8 inches across, you're just going to have to take my word. The most remarkable thing to me is not the size of each cluster but the NUMBER of them -- they dot this shrub like dewdrops at dawn!

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