We have a couple of these plants in our back garden and more recently added two of them to the back border of the front garden. Aruncus Aethusifolius at either side of the Aucuba Variegata, the Aucuba of course will have to be kept in check. We so often hear how we should plant perennials in drifts, or at least have three of the same plant to make an impact. Can the garden still look good even if your borders are a bit of a hotchpotch regarding planting?
The border running up the path in the back garden also has formality with the planting of Box topiary. The two pictures above of the main area of our back garden, just to give an idea of what I am talking about, and the one below showing part of the east facing border.
This entry was posted in Gardening News, Gardens in general, Our Garden and tagged aberdeengardening, Aruncus Aethusifolius, Aucuba Variegata, Carex Buchananii, fully hardy, gardening in scotland, hardy perennial, ornamental grass, Taxus Baccata Robusta, white flowers. Hi Alistair, I like the look of your Aruncus aethusifolius, could be invaluable in a shady spot and those leaves would look wonderful alongside e.g. Alistair, I agree with Donna that the evergreens give a beautiful structure to your garden – and it is all beautiful. We started our garden with evergreens and build around them as we wanted to be certain to have something to enjoy in the dead of winter.
I htink I may have just found something very similar to this growing wild – I scoured the internet and your pictures look encouragingly like the one I took. I have very little gardening experience, and I’ve been trying to find something to make my north facing front flower bed look better than the barren wasteland of small hostas that it currently is.

Although our back garden is North facing the large border is far enough away from the house to give a decent amount of sunshine.
A cozy dining area situated within lush plantings creates a quiet hideaway from Bostons busy downtown. Frank Organ added this to The Abundant Garden Makes Room for PlantsAbundant gardening can be seen as creating a plant world that accommodates people, rather than the other way around. A nice choice if you would like a separate handle and integrated pull out spray in a well priced kitchen faucet. Warm natural colors of tans, greens, and rusts, invoke the feeling of sitting by the fireplace. Three years ago we came across a short variety, Aruncus Aethusfolius, what a little gem it has turned out to be. This area is almost fully north facing, well the sun doesn’t get to the border until early afternoon. Well, we have tried this in the past, problem is, we have always wanted so many different types of plants we found our garden just wasn’t large enough to accommodate such mass planting. Love your neat flower beds and just about enough plants planted there, that dont seem too wild or over-crowded.
Like that Goatsbeard, I saw that recently and did’nt know what it was, you have answered that question for me. It is difficult to judge the size of our garden, the back garden is made up of four separate gardens with two or three other nooks and crannies. Saw one at Kew that must have been 6 feet – is yours a miniversion or will it block out the Astilbes which are complementary companions?

We have three evergreen trees Taxus Baccata Robusta which looks good all year round, we also have two Taxus Yew balls which adds to the formality.
I too consider myself a plant collector more than a garden designer, so I tend to have one of each plant, and drifts are impossible for lack of space. In this country that style only happens with resorts and gardens of the rich and famous, haha!
There is just something I like when a shape, whether it is a plant pot on a pedestal, or pompom of grass has a visual echo. Could you list the names of all of your plants in your back garden around the dwarf goats beard? Surely there must be a balance between a green oasis and manicured outdoor spaces.More:Want a More Colorful, Natural Garden?
Slightly further forward there are three brown grasses (Carex Buchananii) which don’t necessarily look so good on their own, but surrounded with other plants do indeed look quite pleasing, almost like waterless fountains. Having looked it up and seen it will cope with even dry shade, I hope I don’t forget about it again! Add to this two flower carpet Amber Roses, and at the very front of the border a row of annual planting, I think you may agree this touch of formality seems to hold it together in such a way that makes it pleasingly acceptable. Available in rich earth tones and vibrant hues, they provide a warm, inviting atmosphere that stresses the importance of an eco-friendly environment.

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