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The leaves are now a distant memory to the garden but the weather seems to be holding up for the moment. We have just completed a one-off job in Bucknall to tidy up the client’s garden, ready for the holidays.
Sweep all of the leaves that have recently fallen up – if you leave these to accumulate it can spread diseases and damage your lawn!
Trim your hedges before it gets too cold to do so – when you get a dry day out in the garden it would be a good idea, if you haven’t done so already, to get your hedges neat and tidy. Prune shrubs – this should be carried out soon in order to encourage further healthy growth and better flower in 2016!
Powerwashing – if you want your garden to look extra special during this gloomy season, get your hard paved area powerwashed to lift up all of the dirt that has built up off your patio. It’s not too late to have landscaping work carried out – this particular customer had a new gravel area created. Green gardener natural, biological organic pest, Green gardener are experts in organic pest control including natural and biological methods to keep bugs and weeds under control.
The green gardener, organic biological pest control, The green gardener are experts in organic and biological pest control and have been advising gardeners on how to go green for over 18 years.
Your organic garden: pest control chemicals, Organic garden pest control might seem like an oxymoron. The green gardener, organic and biological pest control - The green gardener are experts in organic and biological pest control and have been advising gardeners on how to go green for over 18 years.

Guide to organic pest control - mother earth news - This guide to organic pest control shares 11 products that are guaranteed to fend off the 26 most common garden pests, including japanese beetles, squash bugs and.
Copyright © 2014 Special Gift, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. But make sure that you leave some lush hedges or trees for birds to nest in – don’t strip everything back at once. Winter veg to plant in autumn includes perpetual spinach, mizuna and mustard lettuces, plus rhubarb for next year.
Buy catalogues, use the right gardening gear and make endless plans, preferably over huge mugs of tea and buttery toast. The JHPS team are still out and about carrying out work on our regular client’s gardens to maintain them so that there isn’t a build-up of work next year! This consisted of a range of different maintenance jobs which were completed just in time to enjoy over the next few months.
Gravel is always a good alternative to a lawn as it is low maintenance whilst providing a nice area to enjoy. I rotate my pruning so that there is always a muddle somewhere for the sparrows to call home. I re-use all the plastic pots I get when I buy plants, but soak them in a bucket with a mild solution of bleach to prevent any cross-infection. The best time to plant roses, shrubs and trees is between October and April (though be sensible – not in awful weather). I’ve had success with tulips planted in December and daffs in January – but I can’t guarantee it.

We don’t clear away flower-heads – we love the shapes that dead hydrangeas and thalictrum make in the frost. I have bought some autumm plants to redo the pots at the front of the house this weekend, a good mix of pansies, cyclamen, heathers and ornamental cabbages. We leave our ornamental grasses unclipped so that the low winter sun can sparkle through the delicate fronds.
I gathered some hollyhock seed this week and felt so pleased with myself - free plants next year.
And, as for clearing away leaves – we just brush them into the borders where they turn into a warm mulch, protecting wildlife and plants alike. Grandad'so back garden backs into a copse off the biggest trees and he can spend whole days raking leaves at this time of year and burning them,a never ending job there!I have bought daffodil bulbs this week in a moment of unheard of organisation.
I'm looking to move it to the allotment so that means a bit more digging to make a space for it. We don't have any trees over hanging our garden unfortunately so no pretty autumn leaves to rake up, but I am so going to make a list of things to grow next year!

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