Wooden sleepers were first used on wooden tracked railways in British mines from around the beginning of the eighteenth century. There are a number of benefits of using second-hand wooden railway sleepers in your landscaping projects. Things to consider when creating raised flower- beds and borders with railway sleepers.- Are the height and width you want your bed to be.
You can use railway sleepers for your borders and flower beds in a number of different ways. Row 1.The first row of Railway sleepers should be laid on a prepared small level foundation of concrete to help with stability. Row 2 should be laid directly on top of row 1 make sure you lay like bricks so the vertical joins do not align better to cut one Railway sleeper in half and use it to start the second row. Inject a little gun applied chemical resin into the holes (don’t try filling the holes as you have to leave room for the bolt) then fit your bolts into the holes  (zinc plated coach bolts 12mm x 300mm will do nicely) They may need a gentle tap with a hammer – then clean off any excess glue. If you intend to make wall any higher than 800mm or you want to form a curve you need to use the sleepers vertically.
Based on the above your trench needs to be excavated to a depth of 800mm – Then fill the bottom of the trench with 100mm of level concrete and allow it to set.
Stand your Railway sleepers up and one by one and use temporary support battens placed at an angle nailed into the sleeper and secured into the surrounding ground. Keep adding Railway sleepers until the wall is complete – you can also fix horizontal battens to keep them nicely aligned. Next mass fill the trench up to the top with good quality concrete and allow to cure for 1 week before loading soil against them- It’s a good idea to use 2 layers of landscape fabric to line the wall of railway sleepers before filling. Another tip -try to make sure you get all the tops of the railway sleepers dead in line as cutting them after will be a real sod of a job. You can also alternate height of beds around your garden and intersperse these with large rocks, or containers and plant them with a variety of alpine plants, heathers and lavenders.  Solid pottery containers with wild thyme, columbine and black eyed Susans look particularly decorative.
If you have a small space to landscape, such as a city yard, you can use railway sleepers to create a long and thin bed to sow your flowers or vegetables in.
Besides flower beds and borders you may wish to use sleepers to delineate play areas and sandpits or use them to create garden furniture.
So, you want to create a raised bed or planter with railway sleepers to add something extra to your garden? Consider where the raised bed will be positioned and whether you can stand or sit next to one side of the raised bed, or whether both sides are accessible. Place the railway sleepers on the ground in a square or rectangular shape, with the railway sleepers touching at the 90 degree corners. Simply repeat stage 3 & 4, apart from you are placing the second layer of railway sleepers on to the already positioned first layer. Some landscapers chose to fix a plastic sheet on the inside of the raised bed, to create a barrier between the wet soil and the railway sleeper. With the soil level about half a metre off the ground, the raised beds mean gardening is also physically easier for the retired couple. You have two options, depending on which delivery option you chose at the checkout stage online, or when you telephone the office.
This delivery charge is usually more expensive than the Pallet system, but is essential if you order some heavy railway sleepers, without any forklift, or sufficient people to help you offload. The cost depends on the postcode of where you live, the number, size and weight of your railway sleepers, how quickly you want it, and whether you can offload or not.  Lots of different variables! The treatment will not leak out in the summer, and is particularly suitable for schools, play areas, children, animals, growing food and indoors, where creosote is unsuitable. Wolmanit CX-10 is a wood preservative suitable for industrial use against wood destroying fungi and insects on internal and external structural timber with and without ground and water contact, in particular for timber used in horticulture and landscape gardening, playground equipment, posts, vine support, fences, palisades and wood paving. The main advantage of Wolman CX is its higher penetration and stability of the ratio of Copper to actives for a long lasting protection and confidence in the field. Some solutions have a weaker chemical in the UK than in Sweden, whereas Wolman CX is the same in both countries. Believe it or not, the treatment companies (and hence us!) offer no guarantee as to the treatment and the longetivity of the railway sleepers. In reality, like many companies, they are frightened about people making claims against them, and so they chose to offer no guarantee, rather than risk someone wanting the whole of their railway sleepers to be replaced after 10 years, if it starts to rot.
Recently we were told of an old traditional timber company that had once rashly offered a lifetime guarantee on their oak fencing.
Raised bed vegetable gardening is a very great way of gardening since it has a lot of advantages over the normal and traditional way of vegetable gardening.
There are plenty of advantages of raised bed vegetable gardening that people doesn’t get from the normal vegetable gardening.

Other advantages that raised bed vegetable gardening has over the normal vegetable gardening are that the raised bed could make the gardening easier. Building a raised bed vegetable gardening ideas is also a great and creative way to make a raised bed looks more unique and interesting.
A recent railway unearthed at an iron works in Bersham near Wrexham found that the rails were made of elm and the sleepers of oak.
Coach bolts have a slightly rounded head – a good smack with a club hammer will drive the head down a little.
To do this a trench will have to be excavated to structurally retain the bottom section of the sleeper below ground level.
It is relatively simple to cover a raised bed with cloches in the winter to protect your vulnerable plants. You can also plant upended sleepers into the ground among tall plants and bushes to give a Japanese garden effect and use them with water features. Wooden railway sleepers will add character to your landscaping with every knot and split they display, as they weather down to a lovely silvery grey. Screw the second layer together at the 90 degree corners, as above, allowing at least 2 screws per corner. However if you want a raised bed which you can comfortably access from both sides without standing on the soil, you need it to be a maximum of about 1.2m wide. Anything can be grown in raised beds, which require quality soil in only the top 40cm or so.
The change from toiling in damp, hard clay-based soil has revolutionised the Walshaw's enthusiasm for vegetable gardening. Cabbage, lettuce, cauliflower and broccoli are grown in the raised beds, which also accommodate little cutie pumpkins. Some gardeners complain that during dry periods raised beds from railway sleepers may need to be watered more often – and this may be true.
If you fancy a bolder darker colour, there is always the easy option of staining with a multitude of colours that can be applied by brush, and are available in most DIY shops.
Much used by those wanting clean and simple lines, or a crisp, neat, landscaping look, with the option of staining.
It is crucial to tell us, when we contact you to arrange delivery, whether there are any delivery problems - e.g. If you order online, the delivery cost will be worked out automatically by a computer brain. It is a water based preservative treatment that protects against decay and fungal and insect attack. Wolman CX is a leading chemical in Europe and in particular in Sweden, where timber treaters are independently audited every year with the results presented openly to the market. Wolman CX is proven and unchanged since the early 1990's, achieving the best independent penetration data year on year in Europe.
About a year ago an 80 year old lady came into their office brandishing a yellow discoloured receipt from 1959, and stating that several of her fence posts were now rotten! People tend to have laziness for growing vegetables in their yard since they have a lot of things to do like they have to cut the wild grass and plants around the garden routinely to make sure that they grow good harvests of vegetables. One of the best advantages is that in growing vegetables with raised bed is that the soil that used in raised beds could use compacted soil. The higher beds make the treatment of the vegetable garden easier since it has a higher position than the bottom of the earth surface gardening. The plants and vegetables that could be used in the raised bed gardening is the same with the normal gardening with the exception of some plants.
Wooden sleepers went on to be used above ground as railways developed as public transportation.
Do you want to access, without actually climbing onto it, then 1000mm wide is about right and have it as long as you like. You only need do this if your intending to add further rows as the Railway sleepers will not sit tight down on the previous row. The trench needs to be 600 wide and depth is dependant on the maximum height you want to achieve – say you want the maximum possible above ground level and intending it for retaining soil you need to have a minimum of 700mm below ground that will leave you a maximum of 1900mm above ground this is all based on a standard railway sleeper  2.6m. Oak railway sleepers will make sturdy gate posts and will support the weight of a large gate.
Perfectionists and Engineers will probably consider a foundation of concrete or hardcore, but more mortal people will often go for the simpler, quicker option. Once you've done that, you will have two or more layers sitting on top of each other, but not attached TO each other.
Whether we are planting shrubs, bedding plants, perennials, vegetables or ground covers, the beds we prepare for them should be about 6 inches to 12 inches higher than the surrounding soil.

New pine railway sleeper are green treated, which can give them a slight tinge of green initially, but eventually fades to a light natural pine colour. Often chosen by those wanting child and environmentally friendly sleepers, as well as those wanting something simple to stack and construct with, and dead easy to carry.
If you order by telephone, the delivery cost will be calculated by a mere human being, who will chat with you whilst working it all out! Recent results show Wolman CX as the only chemical without any failures, and at the same time possessing the highest number of samples tested.
The CX solution will provide a long lasting defence against fungi and insects and stability in preservative and colour. With raised bed, they don’t have to worry about that since it could make the wild grass and plants unable to grow near your vegetables. For people that have a difficult access to good soil for gardening, raised bed vegetable gardening could be the best solutions if they really want to put gardening as a hobby or activity. With the higher beds, killing the weeds and the wild plants will be much easier and less tiring and also take less time than the normal vegetable gardening. People can’t grow potatoes in the raised bed gardening because its roots could not grow well with the space that the raised beds gardening provide. The most common way that people do for building a raised bed is to use good and durable wood and make a box without the bottom surface.
They could use decorative rocks instead of wooden for the boxes material that could make the raised beds looks better. They were traditionally made of beech or oak, although pine is still used in countries with few or no hardwood trees. They are easy to get hold of, relatively cheap and they are immensely strong, making them perfect for retaining soil beds and planters. You can treat untreated railways sleepers yourself with a coloured stain finish or any popular fence treatment. Very quick & simple, with very little tools needed, and our KITS provide you with everything you need! There are advantages of using something that will enable drainage of the raised bed, otherwise you are unintentionally constructing a raised pond !
Simply now fasten the layers together with the 4 longer screws that go through the top layer to the layer below.
If you have a low area that tends to stay wet and you don’t want to put in a raised bed, you can certainly landscape the area with plants that enjoy wet soils.
CX is a strong, stable and unique formulation that has been designed to defend against the very common brown rot fungi in the UK.
People could still grow lettuce, tomatoes and many other plants since the vegetable gardening almost the same with the normal vegetable gardening.
The last step is to make a middle separator between the first section and the second section of the bed. I hope people could make a garden easier with this tips and information about raised bed vegetable gardening. Remember old railway sleepers have been treated with Tar based preservatives- its impossible to successfully remove or paint over it with traditional oil based paints. If you don't want this to be seen, screw at 45 degrees on the inside of the raised bed, through side of the top layer into the layer below. It is often better to choose plants adapted to the drainage in an area rather than to try and radically change it.
And after that person could use the raised bed vegetable gardening tips that people could find on the internet and gardening books.
Most of the railway sleepers on the second hand market today have been in use for up to a 100 years or more.
Raised beds are more likely to lose soil nutrients sooner than ordinary beds, so ideally, a mix of 50 per cent mix of garden soil and 50 per cent peat  or substitute compost with extra fertilizer should give you good results for your raised railway sleeper beds. That's because our hauliers charge us according to how many pallets the order takes up, so whether there is 1 raised bed kit on a pallet, or 20 raised bed kits on it, it makes no difference! If you want to use a decorative finish use new pine railway sleepers however they are not as strong as the original oak railway sleepers. You may need to top up your railway sleeper raised bed with soil or compost again in 12 months.

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