UPDATE: Check out our 2015 Couples Olympics Party and the Couples Olympics Party Tutorials!
For the trophy I used a wedding cake topper, a can of garbanzo beans, and a candle stick and glued them together with E6000. I filled it with a team wig, two sets of headbands, two sets of wrist bands, a horn, and pompom. Any derogatory statements about the amount of Chicago Bears paraphernalia in the home team’s house will results in -2 pts. Each team must wear all pieces of the team gear provided at sign-in throughout the Olympics. In the event of a tie for total points across all Couples Olympiad events, the name of a team member from each of the winning teams will be drawn from a hat to determine the players in a one round playoff.  The event will also be pulled from a hat. Two teams (one member from each team) will play against each other in 3 rounds of bean bag toss. Two teams (one member from each team) will compete against each other in 3 rounds of washers. Two teams (one member from each team) will compete against each other in 3 rounds of football toss. Football that land on the top row are worth 1 pt, 2 pts for the middle row and 3 pts for the bottom row.

Each team (one member from each team) will play against the other players in a round robin style game of Black Jack.
Use these free images for your websites, art projects, reports, and Powerpoint presentations! HibiscusProbably you have paid attention to those eye catching beautiful tropical flowers in the friends’ gardens? Make sure to protect the brittle leaves from too much wind, move it indoors during the storm. To protect the plants from cold temperatures make sure to keep them in pots during the cold months. The winners of that event will be crowned the first annual Couples Olympiad Winners and will retain bragging rights for approximately one calendar year. She has a Master of Arts Degree in Speech Communication from California State University Fullerton. Your source for creative inspiration for theme parties, home decor, DIY home improvement and DIY ideas. If you see that the tips of the leaves turn brown it means you have overdosed on the fertilizer. We had the BEST TIME this year when we decided to turn our annual Christmas party with my best friends into the first annual Couples Olympics.

I found a make your own medal kit at a teacher supply store to make these for the winning couple. If at any time the team gear is not worn during the competition, the team will receive -1 pt. Formerly an educator at CSUF and business owner, she now is a full time writer, Curator for Style Me Pretty Living, Real Simple Lifestyler, and a member of Martha’s Circle. Your local home depot will have all the necessary fertilizers and other gardening tools so all you need to do is to follow these basic guidelines.
Of COURSE I had to get creative with it so I wanted to share my Couples Olympics Games and Ideas. So if you feel like planting a young hibiscus tree in your garden let us help you with some simple but important ideas and advices to make sure your perennial plant will keep healthy for the years to come. If you see any parasites then thoroughly wash the leaves and use the hibiscus friendly insecticide. And if your plant stays green but fades away in the wet ground you have probably overdone it on the watering.

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