A country cottage style garden can transport you to a place of beauty and tranquility, no matter where you actually live. Every house can be turned into a country cottage by adding some charming vines or climbing roses. Your everyday yard can instantly become an enchanting secret garden with the addition of pergolas and arbors. While building out your flower beds to resemble a charming field of wildflowers, remember to leave space for a winding, stone path. There is just something about a picket fence or garden gate that adds instant country charm to every floral landscape. I get a lot of questions from people about screening with bamboo in a very narrow bed, and which bamboo will be best for the task. Recently, I have seen two gardens where bamboo screens are being maintained in a narrow planting spaces. Pictured below are three Fargesia robusta being used to screen a view of the neighbor house. Here in Mexico, people here try to do the same ‘small scale’ definition but by using Bambusa oldhamii!!
I would like to plant the clumping robusta in CT, the side of yard I want to screen has shade with some sun peeking through 100 year old white pines, the bottom 15 feet of pines have no branches. I’m looking for a hedge between my house and my neighbor, but I only want 10-12ft if possible. If you are looking for an aesthetically pleasing privacy fence that is both relatively cheap and extremely durable, rolled bamboo fencing may be the perfect addition for your home or business.
Most wooden fences are made from chemically treated lumber to enhance durability, and this can be a real problem in some landscapes. Bamboo fencing also comes in several styles, from the most common light brown colour to a darker brown and rich mahogany. Whether you are looking for a modest barrier in the garden to keep wildlife from eating the veggies or a towering, privacy fence to surround the yard, it makes sense to choose a fencing that is inexpensive, sustainably harvested, and long lasting. Train your greenery to climb your porch columns or arch around your doorway for a whimsical, fairy-tale look! Not only will the bountiful blooms add curb appeal to your home, you will love strolling past the flower garden each time you return home.
Add in some lush twisty vines and you'll create a lovely shady spot to enjoy all summer long. A stone paver pathway is like is like the perfect complementary frame to a masterfully painted picture.

You can capture the essence of your home's agrarian past by using rustic stone walls in your garden.
Check out all the country-chic design and decor ideas on Hometalk, or find even more gardening ideas from Hometalk's master gardeners.
It can be done, but I discourage people from trying it because it takes more work to maintain a very narrow planting space, and because I think most people will be disappointed in the performance of their bamboo hedge (read more about where to plant bamboo).
The Fargesias and other related montane bamboos need cooler nights to recover from the heat of the day. The major drawback for privacy fencing in the past has been the cost and exacting requirements of construction. You will enjoy the durability, which is comparable to more modestly constructed wooden fences.
More and more people are choosing plants for their yards and gardens that have utility for humans, from fruit trees to herbal borders. The choice of colour will allow you to set the fence as a backdrop to the landscape or make it a centrepiece upon which the peeling bark of river birch or the various hues of a flower garden will appear more vibrant. A gated bamboo screen can protect the business dump-site from being raided by vermin, while providing a visual barrier for customers, that chain or wooden slat fencing can’t. Rolled bamboo fencing has all these attributes, with as much or more visual appeal as a more traditional option.
Country gardens are reminiscent of a carefree field of wildflowers with their lush, full blooms and quaint rustic details. Hometalk's expert gardeners recommend adding these easy-to-maintain flowers to your front yard to get the cottage look: roses, daylilies, hydrangeas, hebe, clematis, fleabane, rose campion, and hardy geranium. Whether you stash your potted plants in an old wheelbarrow or upcycled bicycle, the thrifty repurposed look is oh so down home and country.
Attractive pergolas and arbors are also great ways to add curb appeal, or beautify your backyard. Don't make the fence too high, a key element to the country cottage look is the flowers overflowing the fence line. You can create one beautiful focal point with a vertical stone wall, or add extra flair to your flower beds by adding stone trim. This a twelve year old planting, so it’s not going to get any taller without a drastic change in the growing environment. A durable fence made of wood takes a lot of know-how to install properly, not to mention lumber and materials. There are other benefits as well, like augmenting the look of the landscape and the fact that no trees are killed and no chemicals are used that can leach into the surrounding soil.

The chemicals from treated wood will slowly leech into the soil and pose a risk to both humans and any wildlife that consumes the products of plants in the landscape.
If you find the concept of an artificial fence too arbitrary, then you should try to 'plant' your fence instead. The bountiful landscaping of a country cottage garden will instantly add curb appeal to your home, and you'll love how low maintenance country garden flowers are! Unlike the hedge pictured above, these plants have not been sheared, giving them a more natural look.
Setting posts and levelling the cross frames are onerous tasks, and even experts can occasionally make mistakes.
A cheap wooden fence can be made of softwood from a managed forest, though it is far less durable and must be treated with chemicals. It is simple to attach these sections of fencing to posts, and there is no levelling required, since the entire section attaches at once. Your garden fence could be both green and alive! Some plants make great fences for your garden. Also, these plants have grown much faster and will eventually reach a greater maximum height than the above hedge, because of intensive management, i.e.
Hardwood fences are more durable, yet far more expensive, and there is a distinct possibility that the hardwood trees , which take on average 30 years to mature, will have been cut from some of the few remaining, old-growth forests. Here are some of the best fence plants that you can use to create a green wall around your house.
English Ivy: Ivy is a poisonous vine that was traditionally grown on the stone walls of castles as a protection against petty thieves.
American Holly: This type of Holly is not as tall as its Japanese cousin, but it certainly makes up for height in width. They may not offer the privacy offered by hedges, but the colour they add to your fence more than makes up for the lack of density.
Clementis is a great flowering and climbing plant that can be allowed to grow on a wooden fence. Cedars Trees: These tall coniferous trees can make great garden fences by the sheer might of their height.

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