One of the primary goals of the landscape design at Moland House is to educate the public in the historical uses of Pennsylvania’s native plants.  Because there is no direct archeological or archival information on the landscape during the time of General Washington’s stay it was decided that the conservative approach would be install a garden of plants native to Pennsylvania. The definition of a native plant is one that was here before 1492.  The reference The Plants of Pennsylvania, An Illustrated Manual by Rhodes and Block was used for purchases of plants.
Since there's no Grasses forum, here I go: Bought a hardy bamboo plant three years ago, and it's THE most I've ever paid for one plant ~ $30. Use these free images for your websites, art projects, reports, and Powerpoint presentations! With their cheery white petals, Shasta daisies are perennial flowers that grow well in zones 4-10. Cut back the dead stems to the base of the plant after the Shasta daisies are finished blooming. Add a 2-inch layer of salt hay, straw or evergreen boughs to mulch the flower bed when the ground begins to freeze. Remove winter mulch from the flower bed in the early spring or around the time the ground can be worked.

Just gone and saved ANOTHER bird in the yard and THIS TIME I actually went inside the house with bird IN HAND and GOT THE CAMERA!! Ours have Knock-outs, Double Knock-outs, and Rainbow Knock-outs in 8" pots on sale for $9.98 this week. Each plant will spread to 3 feet in width, so 2 to 3 feet between plants is a good distance. She has an Associate of Applied Science in landscape technology and landscape design from Portland Community College. She holds a Master of Arts in applied linguistics from the University of Massachusetts and a Bachelor of Arts in French language and literature from Boston University.
While all ferns have fiddle heads, the name is usually associated with the edible ostrich fern (Matteuccia struthiopteris). Ostrich fern dies back to the ground in colder regions, so plant it along with evergreen ferns and hellebores for winter structure. It is grown in the Northwest where wild-food enthusiasts consider it high on the culinary list.

Be sure to use organic soil amendments free of pesticides and herbicides when growing this fern as a food source.
A good solution is to set up a simple drip system on a timer so the soil can be kept moist at all times.
Her teaching experience for Portland Community College has set the pace for her to write online instructional articles. Ostrich fern will grow in the home garden in regions with moderate to cold winters and mild summers. Planting ostrich fern near a pond or water feature is another way to add to the moisture level.

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