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There’s nothing like a yard filled with tropical statements, such as the 40-ft wall of greenery below! Lima & Associates]Green wall in a side yardTo add height, consider a hardy plant with a tropical look, such as bamboo. This beautifully gift-boxed set includes one planter base and nine miniature fairy accent pieces made of hand-painted resin. Once you start your fairy garden, you won't want to stop!Pieces included the planter base, plus the house, fish pond, 3 stepping stones, 2 planters, Adirondack set and fire pit. Through the years, we've remained dedicated to our guiding principles: we treat our customers like neighbors and friends and offer quality products backed by our full satisfaction guarantee.

Yet there are some holes in the landscaping that I’d like to fill with a few tropical plants. I wasn’t sure if tropical and Mediterranean styles would blend, but when I saw the stunning yard below, my mind was filled with amazing gardening possibilities.
You just can't go wrong with Plow & Hearth" -Plow & Hearth customer SIGN UP FOR OUR EMAILSNever miss a sale or a new product preview! Containers (that aren’t massive) can be moved indoors during the winter and relocated to the shade during the hot summer.
For example, the orange wall is a radiant focal point in the outdoor space below, which features greenery of all heights. On a side note, succulents such as echeveria are a wonderful addition to the tropical garden.

For example, the shades of purple, magenta and pink below beautifully offset the succulents in shades of blue and green.
As we saw with the painted wall at the top of this section, orange is a popular color for tropical gardens. In addition to the blue-green door, the plants themselves add a lovely dose of color to the space.

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