Help the Conservancy to double your green and raise $110,000 for your parks on May 5th!
Anyone who lives near or regularly passes by Colonial Lake has surely noticed progress is moving quickly on the park renovation. In an expansive two-part interview with PEOPLE this week, Ivanka Trump is opening up about balancing her many businesses, raising three children with her husband Jared Kushner and dealing with the demands of her father Donald Trump‘s presidential campaign. On the home front, Ivanka says she and Kushner, 35, are still getting used to life as a family of five.
She is entitled, privileged and has zero clue how to relate to the average mom of three kids who works outside the home and has NONE of the extensive resources Ivanka has. She definitely has more help than the average working mom, but she also wears a lot more hats and prioritizes time with her kids. She seems so nice and sane next to her dad but I’m sure nannies, housekeepers, gardeners, chauffeurs r involved. Privileged White Woman from an Immigrant Family who supports RACISM and SEXISM, and her Elite Brethren. No sympathy for a woman that was born with a silver spoon in her mouth and doesn’t have to work for anything she has, including being a mother. All you commenters act like she ran around complaining and begging someone to write about it.
Some of us have to work harder for what we want in life, some people have all they want from the beginning. Just because she has money doesn’t mean she automatically should just sit on her ass and let everyone do everything for her.
Oh please…there is no way a couple with their money and numerous business ventures, does not have at least one nanny and other help.

I take my hat off to single mom’s and other parents who work long hours that cannot afford any help and on tight budgets.
Because when you give to your parks, your parks give back! At Magnolia Park and Community Garden, you can lease your own garden bed, but gardeners also volunteer in 14 community beds to grow fresh food to feed others. Because when you connect with your parks, you connect with nature! Parks provide vital green space in a fast-developing city like Charleston. Because you can learn in your parks! Students of all ages continue to learn in their parks and through the Conservancy's educational programming.
Because parks can make you happy! Spending time in the parks can improve your mood, reduce stress, and impart a sense of wellness. She reminds me of a modern day Stepford wife and yet she has a HUGE role as the Trump puppeteer ,overseeing how the Trump campaign is managed.
She has more than enough money to hire all the help she needs both in the house and professionally. Being a mother means being there, not handing your responsibilities over to your numerous nannies. However I would like her to keep it honest in that she has money and can afford help and that she’s lucky. No one is going to respect her when she can have (or has) a nanny, a housekeeper and probably a driver too. Many rumors and gossip sites reporting about her husband’s roaming eyes and hands and other body parts, especially when Ivanka is pregnant. They are truly an inspiration and I am confident that they will fix the horrific mess that Kenyan guy has made. I only have 2 born 17 months apart that cost me my legal career and couldn’t afford a nanny BEFORE the ixnay to the paycheck.

Last year, together, we donated over 1,000 pounds of community grown produce to Lowcountry Food Bank, One80 Place, and other local food pantries! In the hustle and bustle of our busy lives, it's important to find relaxation and peacefulness while enjoying nature, recreation, and fresh air!
Either she doesn’t care and the marriage is still in tact to look pretty for the media, or Ivanka is really not as smart as she pretends to be.
Now Allan Park is a gorgeous, well used, and well loved venue for jazz concerts and block parties or just spending some leisure time with neighbors. At Tiedemann Park and Nature Center, you can find hummingbirds and butterflies flitting around the colorful Swamp Hibiscus and Firespikes the Conservancy planted last year. Become a Park Angel and learn from expert horticulturists how to care for your favorite plants. I have a senior level position at a Fortune 500 company and one 9 month old and I am tired all the time. Parks offer spaces within urban settings for you to connect with the natural habitats and wildlife that share this wonderful city with us! Marion Square, Brittlebank Park, and Hampton Park are all popular venues for events like Piccolo Spoleto Festival, Southeastern Wildlife Exposition, weddings, and multiple music and beer festivals every year. Uncover your parks’ past lives -- many of Charleston's parks, like Colonial Lake, are hundreds of years old and have rich histories. I mean I am not a fan of the family but good grief most of you people are just keyboard warriors with low income jobs and no education.

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