Bunnings brings in the new Autumn gardening range presented on the latest catalogue which is full of advices for you to choose your favorite power tool.
See there best prices of those painting products to renew your walls or some parts of outdoor area in your house. Additional to this some chemicals used in repairing jobs, and painting works can be found on pg; 3. Considering garden and its area you may have to get some of these bins, storages, or brooms to clean up basic garbages. Bahtroom products range cover sinks, taps, mixers and that page also contains kitchen's essentials e.g. On pg; 8 the most popular power tools including drills, drivers, saws and some cleaner models are collected in one shot. I also noticed they extended outdoor living products for holiday entertainment in these last days of hot weather. You can browse them all from pg; 11-14 where there are also sprays, some chemicals or other essential gardening products.

Painting products including known brands like British Paints, Dulux and Feast Watson available on pg; 2 is your first step to enter new world of decoration with Bunnings. Insect problems include: Aphids, usually clusters of black or green insects on young leaves.
Spray with Neem Tree Oil and sprinkle Neem Granules under the tree and water in to kill the root mealy bugs.
Remove infected wood where practical and burn, sprinkle Neem Tree Granules under the tree, Wrap felt pad soaked in Neem Tree Oil around base of trunk or affected branches. Mineral Deficiencies: Lack of food, pale small leaves, Mulch with an animal manure based compost and blood and bone. Magnesium, older leaves yellow from outer edge and yellow area between the main veins on younger leaves.
Spray foliage with Matrix Reloaded and sprinkle Fruit and Flower Power under tree to the drip line. General: Citrus trees are pruned only in summer by removing total branches from within the frame work of the tree to open the tree up and allow for better air circulation.

Winter Time: Lemon trees can be grown throughout New Zealand in home gardens, but in some areas, which are more exposed than others, some little tricks are needed. Most home gardeners know about protecting young citrus trees from air frosts with a tent of clear plastic or sprays of Vaporgard. Gardeners can be tricked in winter by lemons and other citrus fruits which grow quite yellow or orange, appearing to be ripe.
The branches with hardly any leaves have borer showing and i sprayed those braches last year. This tree provides a much appreciated screen from our neighburs so i am reluctant to prune to many branches away but also want the tree to live. One is perfectly healthy but the other is loosing its leaves and I have noticed that some of the smaller branches have what looks like swellings at different intervals… any ideas?

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