Set the stage for entertaining all summer long with fountains and Bougainvillea and other artful touches. We stock a large selection of organic and nonGMO plants so stop in to see the bounty you can have in your garden. And remember, we offer a delivery service and the best professional gardening advice (for free) from our Garden Design Experts.
Vines, Succulents, Gorgeous Containers, Bougainvillea–It’s All Here For Summer! After clearing away weeds, agapanthus roots and old weed mat around the base of the tree, Don applied Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate) dissolved in water at the rate of 2 teaspoons of Epsom salts per litre of water. To fertilise a full grown citrus tree spread about 1.5-2 cups of fertiliser, such as Yates Gro-Plus Citrus Food, under the tree to the drip line where the feeder roots are to be found. Don explained that most gardenias with yellow leaves are suffering from nitrogen deficiency, and they respond to a feed of duck or chicken manure.
A Tropical garden in Western Australia can be achieved even with our hot dry climate, it may take abit more planning and plant selection but will reward you with a feeling of being in a cool, relaxing, lush environment, reminding you of places like Hawaii, Florida, the Mexican coast, jungles and rainforests of South America, the islands of the Pacific, Asia or even closer to home, Queensland and Broome.
Still a favourite of many people, a Cottage garden reminds you of the romance of the English landscape with collections of beloved plants around ordinary family homes.
A native plant is one that grows naturally in a particular region without human intervention. A native garden is built to thrive in local conditions using indigenous plants and allowing natural regeneration. Zen gardens are primarily a dry landscape, minimalist, asymmetrical, a quiet place to comtemplate, an open space to meditate and relax in.
Inspired  by countries that border the Mediterranean sea, Italy, Greece, France and Spain the garden designs are often noticeable by topiaries, walkways, fountains, archways usually a preference for symmetry with clean lines and strong architecture.
These are a modern garden, one that has to fit into a smaller yard, be waterwise, and easy-care for the new-age family. Ours are grown by a specialty grower who has mastered the art of cultivating these tropical plants whose flowers are used in Hawaiian leis. Ask one of our Garden Design Experts Miguel, Steve or CJ how you can have a Plumeria in your garden. We have a diverse range of sizes: one-gallon, two-gallon, five-gallon, 15-gallon and 24-inch boxed specimens.
They can help you find plants with fragrance, like the Gardenia below, as well as plants that attract butterflies, hummingbirds, and other wildlife. Hanging baskets, plants in containers, plants in the ground are all ways to create the look you want. Geraniums, Impatiens, Begonias, Gerbera Daisies, Lobelia, Nemesia, Verbena and countless other plants provide rich and unusual color.
Our container selection is extensive so you’re sure to find just the right containers to create a summer wonderland of fun and festivities.

Ask our Garden Design Experts for tips on how to have a great garden with minimal water needs. The drip line is the line of the outer edge of the branches where the drips from foliage would fall. Either fertilise every four to six weeks from spring to late summer with a small amount of either Dynamic Lifter or complete citrus food or use a slow release fertiliser such as Osmocote Plus. The plant he looked at in the segment was also showing signs of magnesium deficiency, so it was treated with Epson salts, as above. It tends to have a mix of beautiful scented plants, herbs for the kitchen, roses, trees, annuals, perennials and a style of free flowing diversity and seemingly no rules on what should be planted where! A Japanese rock garden is meant to enhance spiritual feelings being simplistic and naturalistic. Perth can be a windy city, close to the ocean and with sea breezes so avoid plants that make a mess and clog up pipes in the filtration system of your pool. Some Palms like the Dwarf Date Palm (Phoenix Robelenii) and the Canary Island Date Palm have pointed thorns which leave puncture wounds that could lead to infection.
Some people are allergic to bee stings so its wise to take this thought when planning your landscape.
Planting taller shrubs around the fence line will keep your privacy and these will be a shelter for smaller plants underneath. When a magnesium deficiency is present, the young citrus leaves appear green and normal, but older leaves turn yellow and often have an inverted ‘V’ of green at the leaf base. Don repotted it in fresh potting mix, watered it and gave it a feed of complete citrus food. Cottage garden plants are not rare or exotic just old loved favourites scattered and every space filled and appealing to the eye. Using contrasting small and large objects, vertical and horizontal structures, rough and smooth textures and planting in odd numbers like 3,5 or 7 plant grouping, is a deliberate imbalance meant to create stimulation of the mind. Shade is an essential component so there is usually pergolas with creepers cascading over as alot of time is spent eating and sitting outside around a paved and walled entertainment area. Water features, sculptures and containers are important, and plants while few in numbers are highlighted.
Furniture that reflects modern era design will be included, made of chrome, stainless steel, with mesh and bright colours. Usually its a wrong choice of plants that is the problem, you can have lots of nice lush plants if you choose wisely. Next you need to think colour, bright and varied foliage and flowers creates a tropical feel. It should be a quiet informal relaxed area where you can sit with a cuppa, read a book, listen to the birds sing, hear water from a fountain and smell the delightful scents from the surrounding plants.

By matching plant species to your area, it will make a garden expending less care and energy and will be healthier than an exotic garden.
Doing no harm is also important, like avoiding chemical fertilisers that run into rivers, oceans and waterways. Stylish but timeless, using the latest technology like grey water irrigation methods, use of vertical and deck lighting, outdoor kitchens and BBQs, skylights, spas, bars, glass panels, and clean lines. In the hills of Perth you wouldn’t plant Gum trees near the pool as they can drop leaves and twigs daily and even branches in windy spots. Having grass planted close to the pool edges can mean the lawn clippings can blow into the water. Magnesium deficiency is more likely to occur in acid soils, but it also occurs in alkaline soils.
Unless they are fertilised regularly they can develop trace element deficiencies, such as the one described above.
Many height levels are used from groundcovers to climbers so everywhere you look your eye can see something growing.
Another benefit is it makes a haven for birds, insects and other wildlife, they will use the fruit, nectar and habitat to frolic in. Deciduous trees are not so good as they drop leaves in Winter, and Jacarandas and Illawara flame trees are beautiful but messy around a pool when their flowers drop. Sometimes its best to plant a bit further away from the pool edges or plant in pots which can be moved periodically. Having a bushland feel and bringing the informality of local vegetation to your own garden everything blends in and you feel part of your surroundings. Sand and gravel is used, mainly white, which symbolizes purity and the raking of sand in lines is meant to aid concentration and resembles water rippling . This is an easy garden to maintain, there are not alot of plants used.
Pesticides and herbicides tend to kill more creatures than the odd bug that was intended so they are not used alot in an eco-friendly garden. Plus an eco garden gives back by creating a friendly habitat , food and shelter for lizards, ladybirds and other creatures. Plants that need spraying for pests and diseases regularly are to be avoided as its just adding more chemicals around and plants may be difficult to get to as they grow, you don’t want to fall in! Lawn is often limited to reduce water usuage and is replaced by waterwise alternative garden plantings. Lots of mulch, compost and manure is used so water goes into the soil easier and does not evaporate so much.

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