We at Exterior Designs truly understand the elements of Nature and we truly understand the elements of construction. With our knowledge of plants, our knowledge of up to the minute construction materials, our attention to detail and our professional and friendly approach you can rest assured that your Landscaping project is in safe hands from Design to completion. Take note of the amount of sunlight your new garden will receive keeping in mind that trees in the area leafing out may reduce the number of sunny hours in that particular area.
We carry packages to cover small and large areas and can place special orders if we don’t have what you need.
Keep soil moist for several weeks in order to assure the germination of as many species as possible and then reduce watering.
If you do the prep work properly, sow at the right time and maintain the correct level of moisture, especially as your new seeds are germinating and sprouting, overseed as needed with some of your favorites and weed periodically, you will have a beautiful wildflower garden to enjoy for many years to come. About UsWedel's Nursery, Florist and Garden Center had its beginning in 1946 when Harley Wedel opened a produce store at 1832 S. The enchanting Glass Slipper Butterfly Bush, Buddleia shimmers in the sunlight with its periwinkle blue blossoms and silvery green foliage.
A good landscaper understands the elements of Nature and Construction and blends them together accordingly.

Tilling is not recommended because that can raise weed seeds, otherwise too deep to germinate, closer to the soil surface and allow them sprout. There are blends of wildflower seeds, containing both annuals and perennials, that are partially shade tolerant so don’t be discouraged if you find your desired location to be not quite as sunny as you originally thought. Beauty Beyond Belief come in 1 ounce packages for 100 square feet, 4 ounce packages for 375 square feet, 8 ounce packages for 750 square feet and 1 pound packages to cover 1,500 square feet.
For this method to succeed, make sure your site is well prepared and weed free as outlined above.
Seedlings usually emerge in 2 to 3 weeks with the first bloom of annuals in about 6 to 10 weeks.
Our knowledgeable staff will enjoy chatting with you about the wildflower garden you’ve always wanted.Other Articles you might be Interested in:Seasonal Pond Care and WinterizationBe Sharp! Fit for a princess, it forms a relatively low, wide spreading, tightly knit cushion of cool foliage. If, by mid-summer, you have a crop of weeds, mow at the highest setting on your mower and reseed annuals in the spring and again in the fall.
From the family farm in Portage Township, produce from forty acres of sweet corn, squash, melons, and fruit from the orchard was taken into Kalamazoo and sold at "Wedel's Fruit and Produce Store".

Its lovely blue blossoms are held on silvery, branched stems from mid to late summer into early fall. Proper pH will allow your wildflowers to absorb nutrients from the soil and benefit most greatly by the fertilizer you apply. Find the information about fillers, the purity of the blend, germination rate and the number of square feet the package will cover. This is the time to add any soil amendments that are indicated by the pH reading and soil composition. The first fall after sowing, mow the site to a height of 4 to 6 inches in order to scatter the seeds. Kill the existing weeds and grasses by using a non-selective herbicide such as Killzall or Roundup. We have 2 ounce packages that cover 500 square feet; 1 pound packages to cover 1,000 to 4,000 square feet depending on the mix.

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