This courtyard garden design is surrounded by walls on 3 sides and a house on the fourth, the views are internal and limited to eye level. The new brown and grey smooth sandstone would play a major role in the design of the courtyard garden in a multitude of details, but most importantly in contrasting the old and textured sandstone in the surrounding walls.
Landscaping NewsWinter Tasks To Get You Ready For SpringNew UV ozone system for nurseries, corporate gardens, golf courses, etc. We believe that water creates feelings of calmness and tranquility and therefore is essential in adding these aspects to one's surroundings.
Capel Manor College staff and students have dedicated this year’s exhibit at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show to beans, to commemorate 2016 as the International Year of the Pulse. The prestigious RHS Chelsea Flower Show is the place to go for pioneering ideas in gardening, the latest trends and the newest styles in garden design.
The United Nations designated 2016 as the International Year of the Pulse due to increased demand on food resources by an ever growing population. Beans Beans has a wealth of fascinating facts and an interactive element, to allow you to explore how people from different countries are benefitting from pulses.
College Principal Dr Steve Dowbiggin OBE said: “Helping to create an exhibition at the esteemed RHS Chelsea Flower Show is yet another example of how our students are given boundless opportunities here at Capel Manor College.
The RHS Chelsea Flower Show takes place at the Royal Hospital, Chelsea, between 24 and 28 May 2016.

The small strip of artificial grass is a reminder of the green Dorset hills beyond and can be seen in context from the upstairs windows with the landscape view. With such an inspiring location and a warm climate the stage was set for some serious detailing. This is augmented by a touch of artificial grass in the steps landing – a reminder a of the verdant Dorset hills in the distance, which can be viewed from upstairs.
I bought it in a large size as it has a very slow rate of growth and I did so with slight apprehension considering its high price tag. Thus, the addition of a water feature to one's landscape design is an excellent added feature. Irrigation specialists using Weathermatic sprinklers and irrigation systems Garden landscapers of distinction. Horticulture students from Capel Manor College have this year looked for inspiration from the Year of the Pulse. This global initiative is designed to raise awareness of the economic, social and nutritional benefits of growing and consuming pulses.
There will be tips and advice on how you can join this global bean party by growing and cooking a wide variety of unusual and beautiful beans. We have held a special relationship with the RHS Chelsea Flower Show for many years now, and encourage our students to get involved from the initial idea phase to the creation of the exhibition.

Capel Manor College’s exhibit will be situated at the interactive Discovery Zone in the Great Pavilion at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2016.
Enclosed by old walls on all sides this was a courtyard garden par excellence and incorporating contemporary elements into it was going to create an exciting design. Facing a triangular shape, the surfaces, steps and focal points in this courtyard had to provide movement with every elevation holding its own. Yet, Dorset is far warmer than London and the micro climate in this courtyard is even hotter as the stone walls absorb and preserve heat very well.
I am bowled over by the team’s imagination in designing a garden based on beans, this is an amazing tribute to their skills and excellence. An area dedicated to science and education, the Discovery Zone takes you on an interactive journey to investigate the way in which health, happiness and community is impacted by horticulture.

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