WallPeg Easy-Mount pegboard and Flex-Lock peg hooks eliminates the need for spacers or furring strips in order to mount pegboard… or the necessity of using plastic locks to keep your peg hooks from falling off the pegboard when you reach for an item.
WallPeg Easy-Mount pegboards are a tough poly plastic and come ready to mount right out of the box…our vertical and horizontal rib design on the back every eight inches properly spaces the board from the wall and will not sag in the center like other pegboard using spacers. WallPeg pegboard is modular… you can use one board for a small space or several to cover an entire wall. Easy to install, just remove from box and mounts to the wall, only a screwdriver is needed. WallPeg pegboard is available in several sizes and can be purchased in black or white tough scratch resistant poly.
WallPeg pegboard fits Flex-Lock peg hooks for storing tools, crafts, and all your items safe and secure. WallPeg Brand pegboard can be installed in only minutes…and the quality is designed to last a lifetime. No more peg hooks falling off the board on the floor where a child could find it and hurt themselves.
Flex-Lock peg hooks have safety rounded plastic ends and no sharp ends like metal pegs have. The Unger Pro Hang-Up Pole Storage helps you organize your cleaning and maintenance tools in one place (tools sold separately). Even if you could, and I don't think you can, the least expensive option for you is very likely to buy another unit and rob it of its brackets.
Along with home decoration proper organization of every part of home is also very important.

Also visit my post on kitchen storage solutions and storage ideas for small spaces for more organizing tips for your home.
Here I have gathered some DIY ideas for using space below stairs in an effective and creative way for storage purposes. If you are looking for DIY storage solutions for female items then here are some creative storage solutions for female items like jewelry, bags etc.
If you want to store books and fire wood internally by not spoiling the looks of your room then see the pictures I have displayed below where DIY storage plans for storing books and firewood are shown.
It seems to be very difficult to have well maintained garage with proper organization of tools and other garage items. Hope these clever DIY storage ideas will inspire you to create and discover some storage spaces in your home. This entry was posted on July 26, 2015, in Home Decor and tagged Bathroom storage ideas, DIY storage ideas, DIY storage solutions, Garage storage ideas, storage ideas, storage solutions. I have purchased 4 of it myself, and I put it two by two together for all my tools and stuff to hang and hold!! For organizing home in a unique and creative way I come up today with some creative, fun and clever DIY Storage ideas for proper home organization and giving more spacious look to your home. You could place racks, cabinets etc below your stairs for storing books, towels, or clothes, kitchen items like dishes and bowls. Here I get you some creative ideas for making some cute and creative ideas for making storage space for your kid’s toys. Different items from socks rack to wooden pallets could be used for storing bathroom items if used wisely.

If your items are that slender that adding more brackets would work, why not stack the second rail above the first and offset the brackets? By following these DIY storage solutions you could store all the things properly in different parts of home. Just place some shelves, hooks, hangers etc on the walls of garage for storing and placing tools on the wall.
Hang fabric or metal baskets for placing bathroom accessories or make some colorful pallet boxes as well. Socks rack could also be hanged on the wall for storing shower items like shampoo, conditioner etc. Similarly if you have time then try to make some pallet shelves for storage in your garden. If you want more Bathroom storage and organization ideas then visit my post on DIY bathroom storage. The easiest way for storing garage items and items of lawn shed is to use hooks, curtain rings, and some small boxes on the walls for storing and placing tools.

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