Agapanthus is the flower of summer and its tall blue, mauve or white heads grace gardens across Sydney. Give agapanthus lots of sun, extra water when its really hot and dry and they’ll bloom abundantly. While they grow with little care, agapanthus plants respond to an application of fertiliser or composted manure in spring. Despite loving sun exposure, agapanthus plants are susceptible to heat damage in extreme summer temperatures, especially where heatwaves push temperatures over 45°C. As these plants put on their best flower show in summer they also make a smart choice for planting around outdoor entertaining areas such as patios and swimming pools. Removing a mass of agapanthus stalks sounds like an onerous task, particularly for a plant that’s often selected for its low maintenance, but with sharp secateurs and wheelie bin or other container, it’s a job that doesn’t take long. As well as removing the spent heads to stop weediness, removing spent flower stalks also tidies the clump, returning agapanthus to their neat and orderly appearance.

Plants that are stressed (for example by growing in too much shade or by dry conditions), can be attacked by mealy bugs. A little bit about passionfruit No doubt you’ve enjoyed the tasty, tart fruit of the passionfruit plant.
Although these plants burn in a fire, they can help slow its progress and recover quickly after a blaze. They are more likely to be burnt by heat when the plants are already drought stressed or if they are growing in a hot spot such as against a metal fence or wall or beside a hot path or driveway. Use a row of dwarf white or blue agapanthus in front of stepped hedges of gardenia, murraya or lillypilly. Where weeds have spread it is usually due to the dumping of unwanted plants into bushland areas.
But did you know the fruit comes from a beautiful climbing vine that can create shade, privacy and jazz up an unsightly space?

Although leaves and flowers are damaged in high temperatures, they recover sending out new growth when conditions improve. Who hasn’t seen a row of agapanthus along a driveway or edging a garden or pool fence and not admired them?
If more plants are desired around the existing clump and weediness is not a problem, leave some of the seeds to mature and grow. To restrict the spread of these plants from your garden, remove the stalks as flowers finish and don’t dump unwanted plants where they can spread.

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