Hallie + Luke attended 21 weddings in the last 3 years (wow!), so once they became engaged they already knew exactly what type of wedding they wanted. Love the wooden sign they hung above the ceremony space with their motto – True Love is a Big Deal – that Luke’s Papa made.
Gorgeous and beautiful wedding!A romantic wedding is absolutely beautiful memory every newlyweds would keep in whole lives.Best wishes!
Oh, and one of the light pink dresses is from H&M and the other is from some small boutique store (the one with all the layers).

Everything was a big hit the day of the wedding, people most enjoyed the fabric flower corsages and boutonnieres we provided, the lounge area for our reception and our custom printed pint glass favors with cotton candy.
Joking aside this is a fantastic wedding very creative, you can tell the bride is very talented. Planning started at a quick pace for them as they had the venue – The Dana-Powers House – and date picked within 24 hours. Hallie is a graphic designer, so she knew she wanted to create a lot of the elements herself, but made sure to hire a planner (Alana from Love Me Simple) to handle the little details and set up for the day.

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