Chances are pretty good that if you have ever grown cilantro you ended up with coriander seeds at some point.
The chamomile plant is used for making herb beers and for the treatment of toothaches, earache, neuralgia as well as swelling and skin conditions. I partly grow chamomile to harvest the flowers but the chamomile plant itself is like a tonic for the garden.
The German variety is native to Europe and western Asia and is an upright annual that can grow to 1 metre tall.
At the start I was picking the blossoms daily to get them just when they open for best flavour. For more information on chamomile there is an interesting article published here: Srivastava JK, Shankar E, Gupta S. George’s “Pennsylvania Month-by-Month Gardening” helps you know when to do what in the landscape. Coriander is the fruit or seed from the cilantro plant, which is also sometimes called the coriander plant. The pretty little flowers are attractive to honeybees and butterflies and turn into the seeds after pollination. You can also toast the seeds to bring out the flavor or wrap them with other seasonings in cheese cloth as a bouquet garni.

Loaded with vitamin C and protein-rich, these brussels sprouts are a tasty and healthy option.
This year I have the two varieties of the herb that are grown for medicinal use: German (Matricaria chamomilla) and Roman (Chamaemelum nobile).
It is pest and disease free and boosts the health of all crops that it grows alongside but improves the flavour of brassicas and onions. However they need to be dried immediately after harvesting and for this they need to be laid out flat on a mesh screen in a warm place indoors, out of direct sunlight. Coriander seeds are ground and used in breads, Indian and Middle Eastern foods, Latin and Asian cuisine and is also a component of pickling spices. Plants grown in mid summer will bolt in only four to six weeks due to the high temperatures. The ground seed is most often found in curry powders such as Taklia, which is an Arab condiment, and garam masala. However, if you wanted to pick a plant for a task, the extract of German chamomile contains a higher proportion anti-inflammatories (chamazulene) while Roman is considered better for soothing skin conditions. I have them interspersed with other plants to encourage insects and improve the overall health of the garden.
The varieties of cilantro seed that do not say they are slow to bolt will produce the quickest coriander crop.

However, for me, the roman chamomile seeds have produced a plant that is almost as tall as the German chamomile. Growing coriander is easy and rewards you with a seasoning that adds exotic interest to your dishes.
If you want cilantro for the citrusy leaves, you need to plant it when temperatures are still cool in spring. Slow to bolt means the plants will not form seed quickly and are more suitable for the cilantro leaves. Dig and divide in March after several years, but don’t be surprised if they eventually peter out after 7-8 years. The seeds are best used as soon as possible but can be stored in a tightly sealed container.
This yellow centre is flat on the German variety and raised in the Roman variety (see pictures below).

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