In addition to our range of driveway paving products we also offer a wide range of concrete block kerb products which will complement your new driveway - perfectly. 65 walkway ideas and designs for your home's front yard, backyard or elsewhere in your landscaping designs and plans. Welcome to today’s gallery, featuring pictures of walkway designs in a multitude of materials and styles.
In modern times, they’re mostly relegated to parks and recreational spaces, but many people still yearn for the traditional pleasures of a beautiful walking path. This collection features a number of different styles of walkway patterns in brick, flagstone, and even wood. Some of these are more functional than others, giving safe passage through thick foliage or undulating terrain.
Some are crafted with visual pleasure in mind, mixing textures and colors to create an arresting display.

We hope you enjoy this collection of standout walkway designs and ideas as much as we have! This beautiful garden walkway in soft orange and grey bricks winds through bright pink and purple flower beds framed in dark stones. This grey brick walkway runs through the center of this semicircular red brick structure, with metal and wire railing on side. This brick walkway features alternating grey and yellow zig-zag patterns, defined by red brick outline. Cozy garden walkway with multiple mixtures of brick patterns, curving near low picket fence. Backyard walkway lays red brick pattern with slightly raised border between thick greenery. Curled-pattern grey brick walkway runs the center of this large garden of artfully carved trees and greenery.

Bright, random-swirled concrete garden walkway features black chain side fence and stone-mounted garden on opposite side. This front yard walkway in rust patterned flagstone stands between brick pillars, leading to a front door.
They serve one of the most basic functions for our society: helping us get from point A to point B.
We feature every permutation from solid, unbroken paths with elaborately patterned constructions, to loosely strung together walkways consisting of single points along a vaguely defined line. Each and every example brings nuance, detail, and sharp contrast to the yard in which it resides.

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