I’m at a conference this week, which means (ugh) I had to spend time in an airport and on an airplane. I’ve written about Overcast before, but it definitely also has its place as a boredom buster. Blossom Blast is a match-three game by King, and like Neko Atsume, it’s perfect for people who need to be soothed as well as entertained by their phones while flying.
1 Please log in to voteI’ve taken knitting on planes without issues, but I do tend to avoid packing projects with really thin and pointy needles, just in case. But I thought it bore mentioning as a pretty much perfect airplane game, especially if you’re doing other things like reading a book because you check on things, move things around and then leave it be. The music in this game is SO SOOTHING, and I can’t even talk about its adorable design without going all starry-eyed.
I was really concerned about airport security and getting lost and being on time, and what if my person didn’t pick me up, and what if my phone died (I have anxiety, BTW). With a little planning, you too can load it up with episodes of The Black Tapes, which my friend Julie got me hooked on.
Neko Atsume is a cat- and item-collection game that is the epitome of cute and relaxing — excellent if flying makes you a little nervous. I haven’t gotten into podcasts, yet, but it sounds promising Sputnik Eyes sounds great.

The Black Tapes is a scripted fiction podcast like Nightvale, but it’s made in the realistic style of Serial (it even went bi-weekly, just like Serial did this season). Put out food and toys, and cats will flood your yard and leave you fish, which in turn you use to purchase more food and cat toys. The floral theme makes the game almost a meditation on cute, and like Neko Atsume, audio apps override the sound — so listen away while shutting your brain off to a match three game. It’s a tiny cute space game filled with puzzles — your object is to get the little robots in their own color-coded spaces, but they must move along the paths and sometimes paths only go one way, or only certain color robots can move along a certain path.
I got so into it, but was also aware of my surroundings, and amazing didn’t get motion sickness from reading on the plane. Reporter Alex Reagan stumbles on to unsolvable paranormal mysteries courtesy of famed skeptic Dr.
Pretty soon, cats will bring you special momentos to signify that you’ve won their tiny, pixel-love. So I suggest finding a really interesting book for airplane trips, and since this is about tech, there are book apps for your phone, too.
It also bears mentioning now because it was recently updated to include new cats and new items, so if you’ve tried it previously and lost interest, the update might revive that interest—enough to keep you occupied from New York to LA. I also find crocheting to be really, really, relaxing, but I was too nervous to take my crochet hook on my trip because I didn’t know how airport security would handle it.

We left at four in the morning and TWENTY SIX MINUTES LATER we were standing in front of our check in counter, the only ones in the airport. What follows is an immersive horror romp through the world of demons and secret societies, of ghosts and grisly murders. Needless to say, we each leaned heavily on our phones in this trying time—and that’s before we even got on the plane. And the producers and reporters involved in the show never admit that it’s scripted fiction — they stay in character, even for interviews.
Also also, if you turn the music off, you can even couple checking up on your cats with Overcast above and the sound effects will still come through.
This combined with the Serial feel creates a realism that, if you’re as easily scared as I am, might mean that binging The Black Tapes while surrounded by other people is kinda perfect. Pop your earbuds in and forget that you’re in the middle seat and no one has left you an armrest. And I think its especially relevant to your interests because it’s a horror story focused on a female protagonist who’s not a damsel in distress, so HUZZAH!

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