IF YOU ARE CURRENTLY HAVING AN EMERGENCY ┬áPLEASE CALL US DURING BUSINESS HOURS AT (805) 545-8212 OR CALL THE CENTRAL COAST PET EMERGENCY CLINIC AT (805) 489-6573. Knowing when it’s important to bring your pet straight to your veterinarian or if there is something you can do at home first is the reason we get many phone calls. In light of recent world event’s, creating a disaster preparedness plan can keep a bad situation from getting worse!
With spring here, be careful of toxic plants, like lilies, or chocolate becoming a problem for your furry friend!

If you want to work as Wellness coordinator, we provide you some instruction to inspire you in the moment of creating a resume with our resume example; if you have certifications or affiliations you must have that data available. Structure specific programs for cardiovascular patients; weight loss, and strength training. This order includes FOUR (4) brand-new AED Trainers, as well as a FREE Carrying Case for each AED Trainer.
Included for each AED Trainers are a set of both Adult & Child Pads (each with connectors).

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