Society has been obsessed with zombies for decades and pop-culture has continued to worship the living dead through film, television, song, text and art like never before.
Google zombies and you’ll get nearly 76.5 million hits — that’s more than Elvis Presley, McDonald’s or Wells Fargo Bank. For the budget savvy gamer on the go we’ve pulled together a list of free online zombie games to explore and play. A free browser-based multiplayer game that groups players into post-apocalyptic towns comprised of 40 citizens each.
An MMORPG-based game with a zombie-infested, post-apocalyptic backdrop that features 10 million registered players and 3D graphics.
Dubbed an open-world survival horror game, DeadZ allows players to either take on hordes of zombies or battle survivors. You’re the only survivor of a nuclear accident and your mission is to escape from the city, which has been rendered a wasteland.
Seven years ago, a government quarantine locks down a city’s borders leaving those within to survive.
If you’ve come across any other free online zombie games that you’ve enjoyed, please let us know.

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Wild Warfare Unity3DWild Warfare is an old school, class-based, multiplayer First Person Shooter.
Countless numbers of zombie video games have emerged over the years featuring zombies front and center, or the addition of an occasional zombie to keep game play lively (no pun intended). These free online zombie games are just as enjoyable as a console game and a fun way to cut your teeth (again, another unintended pun) on becoming a world-class zombie slayer. Your goal is to try and survive as long as you can by plotting out strategies with your community.

Essentially, you are a leader and protector of zombie survivors and you must use Google Maps to route them to safe destinations. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has even gotten on board and created a zombie novella to promote emergency preparedness.
Understandably, there are plenty of other outstanding video games in the zombie genre, but many of these are for either specific gaming platforms or they require purchase. Keeping track of distance, fatigue and population density based on census data are key to your success. The goal of the game is to ride your way through twentyProject PlanetPlanet Earth is your home!

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