If you're curious how Edmonton went from its humble beginnings to earning a metropolitan status, then visit Fort Edmonton Park, and you'll find some answers.
Members of the Strathcona County Professional Firefighters take a break from fighting wildfires in Fort McMurray, Alta., on Wednesday, May 4, 2016 in this image posted on Twitter. Strathcona County, east of Edmonton, is rotating two, 15-member crews to help battle the enormous wildfire in Fort McMurray, Alta. The first batch left Sherwood Park on Tuesday night and have been working virtually flat-out since they arrived in the wee hours Wednesday. Despite the tough conditions, Capcara said members are banging down his door wanting to go up. Brian McEvoy, chief of the Bonnyville Regional Fire Authority, said he's also had to turn down many of the firefighters clamouring to go.
A lot of the volunteers have lined up time off with their bosses to pitch in, but Fallow said most can't go.

Edmonton Edmonton is the capital city of the province of Alberta, Canada. Edmonton, Alberta is located on the North Saskatchewan River near the centre of the province of Alberta, Canada. The park is structured in four different eras; each part have customed performers chronicling a history of its own. Everybody wants to go, but we're being careful about being able to maintain our own emergency services here at a bare minimum," he said.
The Fur Trade Era features an aboriginal camp, with an indian house, a york boat, some men and clerk's quarters, and the Rowand house.
From its beginnings as a Hudson’s Bay Company fur trading fort, Edmonton has evolved into a city with a wide range of cultural, sporting and tourist attractions, and is the host of thirty established festivals each year. The Settlement Era constitutes a covered wagon that was used for traveling, the McDougall Methodist Church, and the Ottewell Homestead.

Most of Edmonton’s population works in the service and trade industries as well as in the municipal, provincial and federal governments.
The Municipal Era, on the other hand, shows the new improvements of Edmonton, featuring a tent city, a street car, and the Rutherford house. Finally, the Metropolitan Era details the modern touches of the city such as the invention of airplanes. Fort Edmonton Park is considered as a place of timeless value as it commemorates the living history of Canada.
Other activities to try aside from the tour includes antique vehicle rides, pioneer children's games, bread baking, and a 1920s miniature golf course.

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