Ideal for those who want to live an unforgettable experience full of emotions, Fort Edmonton Park allows its visitors to make a real blast from the past, reliving the local life of about 100-150 years ago. In the park, in fact, visitors have the chance to see replicas of vintage houses and inns, as well as to interact with various characters dressed in theme. Consists of 4 sections, each representing a particular era, the park stretches along the southern part of the North Saskatchewan River and a visit with a steam train that takes visitors from the park entrance to the discovery of various ages.

As a special treat, Michael invited us out to the century-old Banack family farm in Round Hill, Alberta for a very country engagement photo shoot. Joachim’s Roman Catholic Church, followed by wedding party portraits at the beautiful Fort Edmonton Park. The antique carousel and beautiful main street of the park were lit up with the laughter and love of this young couple and their energetic wedding party.

Joachim Roman Catholic Church, Edmonton Wedding PhotographersBride and Groom at the Alter of St.

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