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A Greasemonkey script that adds Flickriver links to various Flickr photo pages - user photos, favorites, pools etc, allowing to quickly open the corresponding Flickriver view. While viewing any Flickr photos page, click on the bookmarklet to open the same view on Flickriver. Restored by volunteers, Edmonton 1 participated in the City's 75th anniversary in 1979 where it operated across the High Level Bridge with the help of a generator trailer during the Thanksgiving weekend. Car #1 is on the blue-and-white route on July 7, 1949 as it travels east on Jasper Avenue between 100 Street and 99 Street. Visit our Strathcona Streetcar Barn & Museum as a part of you ride on the High Level Bridge Streetcar. The museum's displays include artifacts, pictures and information relating to streetcar history, Edmonton's original streetcar system and our own museum streetcars from around the world. In addition, we have a exclusive colour film of Edmonton's streetcars in 1949 for you to watch!
The museum is open 10am - 2pm on Saturdays from May long weekend until Canadian Thanksgiving in October (excluding the annual Fringe Festival). Ad-hoc openings may be possible - watch out for the sign when riding the High Level Bridge Streetcar!
We can provide educational programs for groups of all ages as part of High Level Bridge Streetcar charters.

The museum is located in the Strathcona Streetcar Barn on 103 Street and 84 Avenue (at the north end of the Farmer's Market building).
Saltspring Island is the most populated of all the islands, with three ferry terminals; Long Harbor, Fulford, and Vesuvius. Take your pick of one or more of the Gulf Islands and see why people from all over the world go there! There are walking tours which are recommended as many of the Islands are small and easy to walk around. There are boat charters available is you wish to sight see that was or if you fancy some of the best fishing or whale watching anywhere. Some of the best golf courses on the west coast are situated on the Gulf Islands:A  Salt Spring Golf and Country Club, and Blackburn Golf and Country Club (also on Saltspring Island) are the largest. The Gulf Islands are known for their agriculture and organic local foods so dona€™t go hungry or thirsty! Take a 40 minute BC ferries ride from Horseshoe Bay (West Vancouver) to Vancouver Island where you can experience lush nature, picturesque villages, artist communities, cultural attractions, calming getaways, whale watching and more! Once added to your personalized homepage, just edit widget settings to select your desired view.
In 1984 it became the Edmonton Radial Railway Society's first operational streetcar in Fort Edmonton Park.
The car appears to be in fine shape in spite of its 41 years of service to the Edmonton Radial Railway.
There are over a dozen and they are waiting for you to explore and discover them!A  They have lovely weather all year around and are easily accessible by ferry or private boat.
Ceramics, jewelry, photography, painting, textiles: there is an unlimited amount of locally produced art.

There are also guided sea kayaking, cycle tours and diving tours, if you prefer to see the Gulf Islands underwater.
There is an abundance of restaurants, cafes, bakeries, vineyards, butchers and even a brewery on Salts Spring Island!
It was converted into a one man and single end car in the early 1930s and operated until streetcar abandonment on September 1, 1951. Edmonton 1 is the only survivor of its class and, although its trucks and motors have been overhauled, the wooden body is mostly in its last service condition.
What was once the refuge of hippies and people wanting to escape the rate race is now the home to some of the most expensive real estate in the world! It is easy to take public transit from Vancouver or Victoria and just walk off the ferry and into another world!
Wildlife on the islands is largely undisturbed and free and it is not uncommon to see deer roaming around.
Saltspring Island is home to the Saltspring Island Coffee Company so be sure and buy some beans to take back with you. On that day, Edmonton 1 had the honor of carrying dignitaries across the High Level Bridge and was subsequently the only car retained in Edmonton. Unfortunately, it was stored outside for more than a decade and suffered significant damage through weather and vandalism.

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