2015 Ford Fusion has a front wheel automatic drive with a transmission of 6-speed select shift automatic ranging from automatic transmission to electronic continuous variable transmission and EEC-V engine electronics. DISCLAIMEROur website accumulates details on the web, and we can not show with certainty that they are correct. September 17, 2009 By Cars UK Ford has revealed the new C-Max range in Frankfurt including the Grand C-Max (pictured).
Ford has revealed the 2010 C-Max, including the seven seat Grand C-Max with stretched wheelbase and sliding doors. Two weeks ago we took the lid off the new Ford C-Max with the first pictures of Ford’s 2010 C-Max, which is the first car from Ford to be built on the next generation Focus platform (C-Segment Platform). The Grand C-Max has some clever interior detail, with a centre seat in the middle row that can fold away under the adjacent seat to give a through walkway. Se ha realizado sobre la base de la cuarta generacion del SUV, el Toyota RAV4 2013 (ver prueba).
El maletero de la version hibrida cuenta con 501 litros de capacidad, 46 litros menos que las alternativas con motor de combustion. Tal y como imaginanamos, el sistema hibrido combinado Full Hybrid de esta variante del Toyota RAV4 es identico al empleado por el Lexus NX 300h (ver prueba), lo que lo comvierte en el RAV4 mas potente que la firma ha vendido en Europa hasta la fecha.
El nuevo RAV4 hybrid puede contar con traccion delantera o total All Wheel Drive (AWD), gracias a un segundo motor electrico ubicado en la parte posterior que permite disponer de traccion a las cuatro ruedas (E-Four). Ademas de los modos de conduccion Eco (para optimizar consumos) y EV (100% electrico, un par de km), cuenta con el modo Sport que busca ofrecer sensaciones mas deportivas (maximizables si se emplea el cambio secuencial Shiftmatic de la transmision automatica. La comercializacion del Toyota RAV4 Hybrid arranca con una unica version, el  RAV4 hybrid 4×2 Advance + Pack Drive.
Pack hybrid: Como el resto de modelos hibridos de la firma, tiene alfombrillas de Velours con logo hybrid,  cubrellave exclusivo hybrid y molduras cromadas en los pasos de puerta de diseno exclusivo. Seran esas versiones en las que veamos novedades tecnologicas de seguridad activa englobadas en el Toyota Safety Sense, desarrolladas para evitar o mitigar los efectos de distintos tipos de colisiones (con deteccion de peatones, cambio de carril, control de crucero adaptativo, luces inteligentes…). Alerta de trafico cruzado posterior, que funciona gracias al radar posterior de ondas milimetricas con un alcance de hasta 60 metros que tambien permite disponer de un sistema Detector de Angulo Muerto.
All information, specifications, performance, picture, video, review, release date, price, and so on were found online and expressly disclaim liability to be accurate.
With swooping, overgrown-coupe lines Ford has done a good job of injecting a bit of style and it’s Kinetic design language in to the new C-Max. To accommodate the extra row of seats the Grand C-Max gets a raised roofline at the back, stretched wheelbase and sliding doors to make access to the back easier. Ya pueden hacerse reservas en los concesionarios, si bien las primeras unidades se entregaran en abril.

Con los asientos plegados y midiendo la capacidad hasta el techo la capacidad de carga es de 1.633 litros.
Combina un motor de gasolina de 2.5 VVT-i de 152 CV y un propulsor electrico de 105 kW (143 CV) para ofrecer una potencia total de 197 CV. Ofrece un buen nivel de equipamiento, con elementos como asistencia al descenso (DAC), camara de vision trasera, climatizador bizona, control de crucero, sensores de iluminacion y lluvia o sistema multimedia Toyota Touch 2, con pantalla tactil multifuncion de 7 pulgadas, equipo de sonido de 6 altavoces con entrada USB y AUX y Bluetooth con audio streaming (se puede completar con un sistema de navegacion (GO). Los faros de LED y el porton del maletero con apertura y cierre electrico, que en los RAV4 con motor diesel y de gasolina forman parte del Pack Drive, son de serie en RAV4 hybrid Advance. This Raptor Ford 2018 adjusted for the off-road condition, so that the manufacturer enhances new engine, new suspension, new efficiency, outside and interior decoration. It also has drive train warranty and free maintenance for the first 60000 minutes of usage. Mas que su poder en conduccion todoterreno (los 177 mm de distancia al suelo no dan para muchas alegrias), estas versiones AWD garantizan una mayor traccion y duplican la capacidad de remolque de 800 hasta los 1.650 kilogramos. A esta primera variante de RAV4 hybrid se uniran mas tarde el resto de versiones de la gama, con mas niveles de equipamiento y la opcion de contar con traccion total (AWD). The Raptor truck will come out with the slimmer body design, so that the 2018 Ford Raptor swifter and more effective.
It also differ in shape (body styles) and color as well as the design and fuel consumption as discussed below. It is reported that this new car goes with modern SUV but with nice design and also has amazing good features. No hay cambios esteticos notables, mas alla de cambios en opticas LED y molduras si comparamos imagenes del exterior… y mejores materiales empleados en el habitaculo, asi como un mayor equipamiento tecnologico.
There is a big expectation that the car could go to attract more buyers for 2016 Ford Escape.2016 Ford Escape Redesign2016 Ford Escape will give elegant look in order to make the car more popular than before.
Making more powerful and lighter the body design, this Raptor Truck makes use of the lightweight material.
The seats are ergonomically designed for comfort at standard height and positions made of leather or upholstered fabric. In addition, the car will offer good aerodynamics with better quality of materials for its bodywork. We also have heard that this new model will be better than the current model because it is more unique with streamlined design. There is a big plan that the 2016 Ford Escape will be provided by three-part front grille while the headlights will be very functional.
The new Ford Raptor will likewise have new LED taillights and bed lights with bigger tailgates in the rear end.

We do hope that the car has tinted windows and the roof is installed with chrome roof rack in line with the support of roof spoiler for light signals. About the rear part, the car is featured by large LED lights and also two chromes of exhaust pipe but it is restored. Amongst front wheel drive and 4 wheel drive and with this ability can be shifted by the standardized setting. We glad to know that the car will offer color palette for the bodywork and the existing aluminum wheels are redesigned.
This 2018 Ford Raptor is developed in all surfaces and in the bad weather condition condition.Raptor Truck Interior DescriptionThe Raptor truck interior decoration will be more amazing and sophisticated with the nice product, functions, and innovation system. Speaking about the cabin, it could support five adult as before with high quality materials for example the comfortable seats. The new Ford Raptor cabin inside has a lavish black colored by stylish leather and spangled aluminum slender structures, so that it will look cleaner. Not only that, but the space is well-planned to give easy visual control and also easy managements to make the car more functional than before. Moreover, there are some parts of commands on steering wheel but some others are placed for the front of the driver.
Some equipment are presented such as airbags, engine immobilizer, traction control, electronic stability, ABS, background camera and many more.
This engine helps a lot to generate the power for about 168 horsepower and also 170 lb-f of estimated torque. For the last engine of 2016 Ford Escape, it has EcoBoost engine 1.6 liter to generate 178 horsepower and also 184 lb-ft of torque.
It goes with all-four wheels.2016 Ford Escape Release Date and PriceIn the fall of 2015 there is a big prediction that the cost will be in range of $24,500 to $32,800 for 2016 Ford Escape.
As the result, the brand-new 2018 Ford Raptor will be the greatest vehicle in its class.2018 Ford Raptor Truck Price and Release DateThe new 2018 Ford Raptor truck is created to drive in tough surface. The problem said that the new Ford Raptor 2018 would be launched in the middle of 2017 or even in 2018.

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