Neue Technologien und frische Styling-Merkmale: Der Ford Kuga erhalt zum Modelljahr 2016 ein umfangreiches Update. Teilen Sie Ihre Meinung mit tausenden begeisterten Sportwagen-Fans hier im Forum!Melden Sie sich jetzt kostenlos im Forum an und diskutieren Sie mit. Er hat es tatsachlich geschafft: Der neue Ford Mustang setzte sich im ersten Halbjahr 2015 an die Spitze der globalen Verkaufscharts und ist aktuell der weltweit meistverkaufte Sportwagen. Eine Rostlaube - und dennoch der absolute Kult: Mit diesem rattigen Ford F-150 aus dem Jahr 1956 vereint die Felgenschmiede Oxigin Vergangenheit und Moderne sowie Shabby- und Hochglanz-Look. Richtig scharf in Schale warf sich der neue Ford Mondeo, der dazu mit hochwertigen Materialien, einem gro?en Platzangebot und einer Extra-Portion modernster Assistenzsysteme glanzt. Das Auto und Sportwagen Magazin mit täglich aktualisierten Auto News, Motorsport News, Auto Tests, Sportwagen Berichten und der streng geheimen Auto Zukunft. Update (August 2013) - Three new colors ("Race Red", "Deep Impact Blue" and "Platinum White") are available from now on. Mise a jour (aout 2013) - Trois nouvelles couleurs ("Rouge Racing", "Bleu Impact", et "Blanc Platinum") sont disponible des maintenant. Update (November 2014) - Three new colors ("Tiger Eye", "Magnetic" and "Candy Red") are available from now on. Mise a jour (novembre 2014) - Trois nouvelles couleurs ("Tiger Eye, "Gris Magnetic" et "Rouge Candy") sont disponibles des maintenant. Update (September 2015) - The colors "Ginger Ale" and "Panther Black" are replaced by "Green Instinct" and "Shadow Black".
Mise a jour (septembre 2015) - Les teintes "Ginger Ale" et "Noir Scala" sont remplacees par le "Vert Instinct" et par le "Noir Shadow".

Ford Kuga is a car that will be facing a lot of competition in compact SUV segment but this car producer is hoping they will tackle all of the obstacles and succeed in making good sales.
Kuga is now on sales worldwide and Ford needed some time to make high output diesel engine which most of the buyers on these markets preferred. Finance for all vehicles is over a 36 month term, however a 48 month plan is available on selected vehicles. O blog Diario de Bordo - Novo EcoSport teve acesso as fotos feitas por Jacqueline Freitas de Lima, vendedora de uma concessionaria Ford de Fortaleza participante do evento da Ford que apresentou aos seus concessionarios no dia 27 de junho em Sao Paulo o novo EcoSport Global.
Nas fotos feitas por Jacqueline Freitas estao as configuracoes de algumas versoes do novo EcoSport. Instalei mais um acessorio no meu EcoSport FreeStyle: Capa de estepe total rigida em ABS pintada na cor do carro. Allein in Deutschland liegen bereits uber 1.800 Vorbestellungen fur das moderne Muscle Car vor. Kuga was produced for Australian market to be a replacement for Escape which was getting toward the end of its lifecycle.
Petrol engine is Ecoboost 1.5 liter one and it can produce 148 horsepower with FWD or 179 horsepower as AWD version.
There are a lot of buttons inside and it can be a bit hard to get your way around all of that, but there is a bit toggle switch that drivers use to control menu on the console screen. However, Kuga was too expensive to make some significant sales but it made road for the second generation model which was supposed to make better results. However, Ford still didn’t make it as good as its main rivals such as Qasqai and Mazda CX-5.

Second generation Kuga made better results but it needed to be updated so 2015 Kuga was released to fix small problems. They come with manual gearbox but you can get them with automatic gearbox because they have optional automatic shifter.
There is a lot of space and it is very comfortable on the inside of this car and the driving seat is positioned to get you a nice ride.
Eles nao sabem nem dizer se o modelo de entrada vem ou nao com os Reck agora com as informacoes contidas aqui no blog creio que sera so na Freestyle.
There are 6 different variants to choose from, form FWD and AWD Ambiente to Trend and Titanium versions that are available in AWD.
Load space is a bit smaller than the one of the competition but rear seats can easily be folded to provide more load space.
It has a great stance and sharp edges and it looks very sporty, and in addition to this Kuga also has great road holding. Achei uma boa marca pois ele esta com apenas 500km rodados e a Ford diz que o consumo so melhora apos 1.500km rodados. Die Leistungsspanne der Diesel-Motoren mit jeweils 2,0 Litern Hubraum reicht von 120 PS uber 150 PS bis zu 180 PS.

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