The layout’s a standout whether you evaluate it by its remarkable collection of information or exactly how it covers all these components with each other, in context. With the 2015 Ford Fusion line having really included a third four-cylinder variation direct-injected and turbocharged EcoBoost engine for 2014, we would certainly such as to see the car manufacturer fall the typical 2.5-liter 175-horsepower four-cylinder engine that was rollovered from the previous generation.
The most desirable portion of this stretch was the North Shore, the northern coast of Long Island that borders Long Island Sound, which was nicknamed the Gold Coast (for obvious reasons) and was the de facto location of Fitzgerald’s East and West Eggs. Speaking of parties, the most lavish of the Roaring ‘20s was held in 1924 at Harbor Hill, the home of Clarence H. Fitzgerald and Zelda attended a party at Harbor Hill in 1923, but they were already in France by the time of the big blowout the following year. Harbor Hill was out-done only by Oheka Castle—excusable, considering Oheka is still the second largest private home in America and was conscientiously designed to one-up Mackay.
Delano would have been particularly peeved by Winfield Hall, then, the estate of Frank Winfield Woolworth, an art lover who turned his upstairs hallway of bedrooms into an interior design timeline. Another scholarly favorite when it comes to the Gatsby house-guessing game is Beacon Towers, originally designed by a widowed Vanderbilt and modeled after Blair Castle in Scotland.
The property continued to deteriorate until it was sold in April 2012 for much below its $39.5 million asking price, a fate similar to so many others of its kind.
Fitzgerald, of course, drew from many sources to create a spectacle that, when pulled apart, really did exist. A 20-year-old driver from Germany ran out of luck in Brokdorf (Schleswig-Holstein) when he crashed a Gumpert Apollo sports car with a value of at least € 300,000. According to the police, he was on a road between Brokdorf and Wilster when he lost control of the Gumpert after a sharp left turn. What I love about this story is that someone is going to comment on it saying ‘this shows why young drivers are so irresponsible’, when realistically, something like 90% of the crashes shown on wrecked exotics are caused by middle aged men! Honestly from what I’ve seen if theres a cute chick in the car youre far more likely to drive like an asshole. The kid made a mistake while trying to impress his girlfriend, pops made a mistake letting this kid drive the car.
I have a few friends that had Z06’s and Vipers for their first cars and they never wrecked them.
Me too, absolutely, if my girlfriend is in the car my standard of driving goes up not down. Why would insurance be more expensive for younger people if they weren’t more likely to have an accident?
The total number of accidents involving sports cars is a lot greater in the middle-aged segment. Seriously, are you actually questioning “there are far more middle aged men driving fast cars than there are young men”?
Maybe in your po dunk town where the rich middle age dude has an Iroc-Z and everyone else is driving beat up old pick ups.
The new Mini Cooper Hardtop only recently reached the market, but already BMW is having to recall a limited number of the hatchbacks.
The Mini brand and its products have typically been a runaway success for BMW, but sales of the retro hatchback dropped a drastic 20.5 percent last month, and have been doing such pretty much all year. As surprised as the face of the new 2014 Mini Cooper makes the model look, customers shopping for the third-gen hatchback won't be surprised at all come spring.

We recently reported that the new family of Minis could balloon from eight models to ten or more, but it's not only the model line that's expected to grow: so too could the largest model itself. There are occasions in life when something happens in the outside world and I think, "Damn.
Reported comments and users are reviewed by Autoblog staff 24 hours a day, seven days a week to determine whether they violate Community Guideline. A hexagon grille bends and bevels between headlamps and foglamps in a manner that’s half-Aston, half-Hyundai.
The 2015 Ford Fusion will likely once more consist of the MyFord Touch multimedia running system that swaps lots of buttons and changes for menu-driven touchscreen operations is a little bit much less irritating as compared to in previous generations, it remains to be difficult and distracting to make use of. East and West Egg are Cow Neck and Great Neck, respectively, two peninsulas of Nassau County that border Manhasset Bay. At water level, too, they look the same, with each plot of land cascading gently downward into stockpiles of rocks.
Its bulldozing in 2011 earned many a headline, as it is said to have inspired the Buchanans’ Georgian mansion. Held in honor of the Prince of Wales, the party featured two orchestras, fountains spouting perfume-infused water, and flower arrangements that magically floated in the middle of 300-pound blocks of ice. Sitting on 443 acres, the castle was modeled after Maison Lafayette, which is essentially just a bigger version of Maisons-Laffitte, designed by the same French architect. Among them was the Ming Dynasty suite, Empress Josephine room, Marie Antoinette room, Napoleon room, and three different Louis—XIV, XV, and XVI.
Located at the end of what is now named Gatsby Lane, the property was first owned in 1851 by John Alsop King Jr., the well-endowed son of New York Gov. Nearly one-half of the homes that once gleamed along the Gold Coast were abandoned after the Great Depression and torn down by the ‘70s.
But the full spectrum of all that the house reflected is still revealing itself, what with the shady pool murders and state of estates continually in flux. If I ever am *tempted* to do silly things it’s with other guys, absolutely not girls although I try never to do so.
When the Hardtop goes on sale, it will not only offer a similar design to the outgoing model, it will also have a familiar price with a starting MSRP of $19,950 (*plus $795 for destination). That, of course, would be the Countryman, which is already bigger than anything else ever to wear the Mini badge.
Accounts are penalized for Community Guidelines violations and serious or repeated violations can lead to account termination. We see the roofline of the Audi A7 from the back quarters, with the LED taillamps punctuating that point. Minority upscale products given by several of the competitors that are not yet represented below include ventilated front seats, heated back seats, and a heated wheel.
Between the Civil War and World War II, an estimated 975 estates were built between Manhattan and Montauk, though this number wavers depending on the historian. Cruising through this body of water is a lesson in all of the things you should and shouldn’t do, should you ever design a dwelling the size of the White House.
Rumor has it that the estate was so bright that it could be seen from Connecticut, which probably had something to do with the giant American flag made of light bulbs waving above the roof. Even for American royalty, triple-digit acreage and double-digit staffs were too much to fund forever.

As if Fitzgerald was in touch with our times to a psychic degree, too, the recession did not spare the Gold Coast and left many dreamlike mansions ownerless—green lights in their own right that slip back out of reach with a single change of tide. No mather what car you drive if you are young driver you are most likely to crash so you pay more. Thirdly, no 20 year old (exept millionairres sons or something) has the money to buy cars like that, thats a fact, so yes, the middle aged men have more accidents in them cars because they are the ones who can afford it. But if you think the current Countryman is already big enough, the latest reports suggest that it could get even bigger. However look at the sideview and it’s all Ford, with the information somehow making a higher feeling in composite. Once the battery is exhausted to a specific factor the Energi acts like a typical hybrid auto. Of all the fictionalized places to live, there are few that have remained dignified in their power of fantasy for as long as Jay Gatsby’s mansion.
A popular architect of the time, Thomas Hastings, liked to preach that houses are half pudding and half sauce, i.e. Whether Fitzgerald was given the full detailed recap isn’t clear, as most of his published correspondences circa this time are with his editor, Maxwell Perkins, about matters pertaining to the novel.
Oheka was so period driven that it moved William Adams Delano, an architect of the caliber that gets immortalized in rare and gorgeous coffee table books (alongside his pithy quotes), to say, “Every owner wants to have a name for the style in which his house is built. But what we are getting is a whole lot of that showcar's styling cues applied to the third-generation Mini Cooper hardtop, a model making its debut here at the LA Auto Show.
Inside, it’s useful and sleep, especially taking focus front and facility at the touchscreen-driven MyFord Touch device and the tablet-like finish of the center-stack controls. Its opulence, raucous throw-downs, and deep metaphors have rendered it one of the sexiest houses ever conjured and the everlasting cathedral of the Jazz Age.
Manhasset is only slightly wealthier, but it is much more traditional in the privatized way that often accompanies circles with longstanding histories and inheritances; according to the 2010 census, nearly half of its homes were built before 1939. But too much of his time and income went toward partying, and in 1924, he and Zelda took off for the French Riviera, where the peace, quiet, and exchange rate worked in their favor. However, nearing the time of publication, Fitzgerald, who despised the title The Great Gatsby and toiled for months to think of something else, wrote to Perkins that he had finally found one: Under the Red, White, and Blue.
And while from most angles, the new Mini is as cute as ever, we just can't quite warm up to that face – or that huge front overhang.
The fewer clues left, the more the moneyed mystery of the Gatsby mansion begs to be solved. Sure, he was less distracted, but he also had a wealth of wealth-flooded experiences on which to draw, residences included. To name a sampling of all that his grounds included, there were two farms, a blacksmith, an auto repair shop, guesthouses, Turkish baths, shooting galleries, and a casino (because, when you have 648 acres to fill, why not?). Handler and Frederick John Handler, were the last men standing of the Brickman family, and in the mid-1990s, a family feud took shape as the brothers began to battle over their inheritance. Bruccoli, the ostensible expert-in-chief on all things Fitzgerald, found that the word house is the most used noun in the novel—it appears 95 times.

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