2016 Ford Ka issued by the company to be in the market on September 11, 1996, at the time of this vehicle still has a lower selling price for the Mark IV Ford Fiesta platform, but the exterior of this vehicle is very different compared to the Ford Fiesta. 2016 Ford Ka makes mixed reactions when introduced in the market, because it has a striking original design. Ka manufactured into a single model at launch, some of the features that have been designed by a company that is in this vehicle is air conditioning, power steering, height-adjustable driver’s seat, rear seat position has also been adapted to the head restraints. 2016 Ford Ka has the disadvantage of 1,300 cc four-cylinder OHV Endura-E engine, Although not very modern, these vehicles provide enough torque to allow passengers to be able to relax if the driver is not excited. At the beginning of the production of these vehicles, all models use black plastic bumpers to minimize damage to the paint if the vehicle is in town.

Business Process also choose anti-lock braking system to which have been added in January 1997. In 2002 the engine was replaced with overhead cam Duratec engine to improve fuel efficiency and make improvements. This 2016 Ford Ka is a vehicle that has little concept if you look and compare with others. In addition Ka models that make us a fresh eye, such as the Fiesta, this vehicle also includes being aggressive. The second generation of this vehicle has a model of the three-door hatchback body styles, the first generation of this vehicle has two doors with a convertible version that was introduced with the name StreetKa along with a sporty hatchback version, which many refer to it as sport 2016 Ford Ka.

The shape of the bumper and wheel arches that are already designed for this vehicle to be more durable and easier to repair if damaged. You will feel comfortable without changing the condition of the vehicle, because the company has selected the option to be feature in this vehicle. The vehicles produced at the Fiesta line located in Almussafes, Valencia, it makes the company issued a smaller production costs.

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