Today I went out shopping and whilst driving home at 50mph my car started to beome jittery and a orange light came on.
That's the check engine light so you need to take it back and get the codes read to find the problem. From the description of your problem there may be a fault with the oxygen sensor which is related to the catalytic converter problem you had fixed. My advice OP is to join one of the Ford KA forums and find someone with a code reader local to you who can read the fault code for you.
Coil packs cause more of a problem than plugs and HT leads and also show up on the core reader as a missfire more than plugs and HT leads.
The problem with a code reader is that it will only indicate a misfire but not what the cause is, sometimes you will get misfire cylinder 2 for example, but not all cars show which cylinder is misfiring. I'm sorry to be critical, but any mechanic can do simple checks to determine which part is faulty. Ford-Automobile-Dashboard-Lights - Ford Mondeo Orange Engine Light on Dashboard - What does it mean?
Mazda-3-Dashboard-Symbols - What is flashing red dashboard light with key symbol on a 2006 . Altima Coupe what does it mean when light on dashboard (abs) flickers, Ford Ka 1.3 Car Dashboard Warning Indicator Lights - Driving Test Lessons . Where can you download a free Owners Manual for a Ford Windstar · Where can you find the meanings of the dash board indicator lights on Ford Windstar .
The dashboard, and particularly the instrument panel, represent the easiest way a vehicle talks back to its driver, allowing him to stay up to date with the status of the car and provide him with prior notice on potential mechanical problems. Take for example the head-up display, a technology developed to project important information such as speed, fuel consumption or the tachometer straight on the windshield.
The number of instrument clusters is huge, mostly due to the fact that most car manufacturers used basic symbols and personalized them for their own models, although we all agree that standard ones would be useful for all drivers, no matter the car they own. There is no better way to light up your ford expedition than getting it equipped with the top-quality led lights.
If you need to reset a dashboard light or diagnose a fault on your ford we would recommend the ford icarsoft i920.
An ignition coil that is completely dead will prevent the engine from starting or will stop the engine if the car is running at the time of failure. The coil is a simple device -- essentially a high-voltage transformer made up of two coils of wire. The primary coil's current can be suddenly disrupted by the breaker points, or by a solid-state device in an electronic ignition. The amount of energy in the spark required to ignite the air-fuel mixture varies depending on the pressure and composition of the mixture, and on the speed of the engine. Guaranteed ProductsOnline Car Parts has a 12 Month Guarantee on most products, unless stated otherwise. Customer SatisfactionWe assure our customers of a Money-Back Guarantee if they are not entirely satisfied with our products.
Door to Door DeliveryOur products are shipped nationally via Berco, overnight express and delivered to your door the next working day.
The garage owner is a friend and said it was nothing to worry about in my case and he would deal with it when I go for my MOT in March so that it passes then. Plugs rarely cause problems nowadays and unless it is their recommended time to replace them they should be fine (same with HT leads).

The dashboard items followed the same evolution trend as the whole car, migrating from standard light bulbs to more attractive and efficient LEDs or completely-digitalized dashboard components. Getting back to the instrument clusters, their number increased significantly once car manufacturers developed new technologies regarding safety, engine management or miscellaneous car-related equipment. Fog beams indicator: it is activated and remains on once the driver turns on the fog beams14.
Electronic Stability Control: informs the driver that either the car is losing grip or that the stability control system has been switched off26. 100% Factory tested and built to strict quality control standard to ensure high performance and guaranteed to deliver better fuel economy.
Its function is to convert the 12 volt power of your vehicle's electrical system in to 35,000 or more volts. All items are subjected to testing on state of the art equipment and the supplier’s decision will be final. Unlike a power transformer, an ignition coil has an open magnetic circuit - the iron core does not form a closed loop around the windings. The secondary winding consists of thousands of turns of smaller wire, insulated for the high voltage by enamel on the wires and layers of oiled paper insulation. Under laboratory conditions as little as 1 millijoule is required in each spark, but practical coils must deliver much more energy than this to allow for higher pressure, rich or lean mixtures, losses in ignition wiring, and plug fouling and leakage. But like others said you need to go to a garage, there could be many reasons it's coming on.
This video will show you how to install remote central locking to your ford ka, im sure this will work on other fords, but please . But more importantly, these tiny lights tracking the operation of the car can provide critical information that could protect you, your passengers and the other drivers on the road. Open doors indicator: this symbol is usually turned on just after the driver starts the engine and informs him that one or more doors are closed incorrectly27. This produces a high intensity spark at the spark plug which then ignites the fuel in the cylinder. An ignition coil that is failing will still provide current to the plugs, but it might not be enough for a full spark and the car will run sluggishly. The energy that is stored in the magnetic field of the core is the energy that is transferred to the spark plug. The coil is usually inserted into a metal can or plastic case with insulated terminals for the high voltage and low voltage connections. When gas velocity is high in the spark gap, the arc between the terminals is blown away from the terminals, making the arc longer and requiring more energy in each spark. Master lighting switch - tells the driver that the there is a problem with one of the lights in the car16. Anti-theft system: exclusively installed on Ford models, this symbol flashes once the Securilock Anti-theft technology has been enabled28.
The secondary coil normally has hundreds of times more turns of wire than the primary coil.
When the contact breaker closes, it allows a current from the battery to build up in the primary winding of the ignition coil. Rear window defrost: pretty self-explanatory, it is turned on once the driver presses the rear window defrosting button17. Electronic Throttle Control light: briefly enabled when the driver starts the engine, the indicator may also show a malfunction with the Electronic Throttle Control system29.

If any images that appear on the website are in Violation of Copyright Law or if you own copyrights over any of them and do not agree with it being shown here, please also contact us and We will remove the offending information as soon as possible.. Child seat warning: similar to the other child seat notifications, it warns the driver that the child seat may be wrongly installed18. AWD: with a pretty suggestive name, this light switches on once the all-wheel drive system is enabled30.
Coils, over time, lose their ability to produce the correct power to send to the spark plugs, hence a poor spark from your spark plugs thus increasing fuel consumption. Current flowing in the coil produces a magnetic field in the core and in the air surrounding the core.
Brake system alert: the notification comes on if the electronic control unit detects a problem with the braking system6. Brake fluid malfunction: rarely installed on the dashboard, it unveils a problem in the brake fluid recipient19. Battery warning: if this light is turned on while driving, it reveals a malfunction concerning the battery charging system20. Child seat indicator: if turned on, it informs you that the standardized child safety seat is attached8.
Child safety lock: if lighted on, the symbol shows you that the child safety lock has been activated21. Turn signals: surely the most known instrument panels, the turn signals are activated once the driver changes direction and uses the signal lever33. Since it has a capacitor connected across it, the primary winding and the capacitor form a tuned circuit, and as the stored energy oscillates between the inductor formed by the coil and the capacitor, the changing magnetic field in the core of the coil induces a much larger voltage in the secondary of the coil.
Emergency indicator: the notification is activated once the driver pushes the emergency button on22. Temperature warning light: it warns the driver of the possibility of engine overheating and usually demands the driver to stop the vehicle34. More modern electronic ignition systems operate on exactly the same principle, but some rely on charging the capacitor to around 400 volts rather than charging the inductance of the coil. Air filter: usually installed on the center console but also found on the dashboard, this light informs the driver that a malfunction was detected with the passenger compartment air filter10.
The timing of the opening of the contacts (or switching of the transistor) must be matched to the position of the piston in the cylinder. Windshield defrost: similar to rear window defrost but especially intended for windshield24.
High beam light: it is turned on once the driver activates the high beam mode of the headlights36. Drivetrain malfunction: if on, this light shows that the drivetrain has been damaged and the car needs to be serviced as soon as possible.
The contacts are driven off a shaft that is driven by the engine crankshaft, or, if electronic ignition is used, a sensor on the engine shaft controls the timing of the pulses.

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