But before you do that, inspect the electrical connector on the back of the headlight carefully for damage, and see that it is not corroded or loose.
The headlight bulbs on most vehicles today are changed from the back of the headlight housing.
Once the socket has been removed from the headlight housing, you can pull the old bulb out of the socket and replace it with a new one (must be the same size and style as the original bulb).
Hold the bulb by its plastic base, or hold the bulb with a tissue or cloth, or wear gloves when you install it.
After installing the bulb into its socket, test the bulb before you insert it back into the headlight housing.
If the new headlight does not light up when you turn the lights on, the socket may be loose or corroded, or there may be a wiring problem in the headlight circuit.
If you have an older car or truck with sealed beam style headlamps, these are usually removed from the front. Diagnosis: The problem could be a bad headlight bulb, a loose bulb or corroded bulb socket, a bad ignitor, or a bad ground connection or wiring harness fault at the ignitor. TIP: Swap the "good" bulb that is working on the other side to the headlamp that is not working.
The Cause: Most likely no voltage to the headlights because of a bad headlight relay, fuse, module, headlight switch, dimmer switch or wiring fault.
To figure out what’s causing your problem, start by inspecting the main fuse for the headlight circuit.
If the fuse if okay, use a volt meter or 12-volt test light to check for power at the fuse.

If the fuse is okay and there is power, the next check would be to find the headlight relay or control module.
On systems that use a module control module or daytime running lamps, about all you can do is eliminate other possibilities such as wiring faults, a bad relay or headlight switch first.
If the headlight relay or module do not receive voltage when the headlight switch is turned on, a bad switch is your problem. DO NOT attempt to replace a steering column mounted headlight switch without first disconnecting the battery and waiting at least 20 minutes for the capacitors in the airbag circuit to discharge. If a headlight switch looks like it will be difficult to replace, don’t try to do it yourself. The Cause: Most likely a charging system problem (bad alternator or slipping alternator drive belt). The Cause: Could be dirty headlights, fogging inside the headlight lens cover (moisture), fogging or discoloration of the plastic headlight cover, or headlights that are not aimed properly.
On older cars, the clean plastic headlight lens covers sometimes turn a dull, milky white color. Dealers charge a fortune for new headlight housings, so look for aftermarket reproduction headlight housings on ebay or online. Poor headlight performance can also be a problem if your headlights are not aimed straight ahead. To check the aim of your headlights, park your car about 10 to 12 feet from a garage door or wall, and turn on the headlights. If the aiming of the headlights need to be adjusted, there are usually adjustment screws on the back or top of the headlight housing.

On older cars with sealed beam style headlamps, there are usually two adjustment screws that can be turned from the front of the headlamp. General motors issued a recall for 316,357 SUVs and sedans, mainly in North America, because the low-beam headlights can stop working. Acura recalled 14,078 2013-2014 ILX vehicles for a potential fire hazard with the halogen projector headlights. Volkswagen recalled 150,000 2012 and 2013 Passat models because the headlights may stop working if the hood is slammed shut. Chevrolet recalled over 111,000 2005 to 2007 model year Corvette coupes and convertibles because the low beam headlights may stop working because of overheating. Honda recalled over 800,000 Civic and Pilot models because of a wiring fault in the headlight switch that can cause the low beam headlights to fail. Premature failure of the HID headlight bulbs and HID control units on 2006 to 2009 Prius models did not result in a recall, but Toyota did extend the factory warranty on these components for 5 years or 50,000 miles (from date of manufacture), which ever comes first.
If the module is getting power when the headlight switch is turned on, but the headlights fail to come on, the problem is likely a bad module.

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