I get asked on a daily basis how I turned my car from a standard Ford Focus Titanium into a Ford Focus ST Lookalike (Replica).
To be honest, there isn’t THAT much which needs replacing to create your very own ST Lookalike.
You will now need to open the bonnet, and remove the slam panel (this is held in by a few positive plastic screws). Now you need to remove the front grill, BUT THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT, DO NOT PULL AND TUG AT THE BONNET LOCKING MECHANISM, THESE UNITS ARE VERY FRAGILE AND A FEW OF US HAVE BEEN LOCKED OUT THE BONNET. You will now see there are plastic type clips holding the bumper in place, starting from one end, just push the clips down and pull the bumper out at the same time and the bumper start to come out. You will then need to crawl under the back of the car, and you will notice two plastic positive screws holding the bottom of the bumper in, these just unscrew.
Once you have un-done both sides, you will now need to open the boot and unscrew the two bolts either side of the boot.
Once you have the brackets on, you can now fit the bumper, this is pretty much the reverse of removing the standard bumper (you may need a friend to help you get the bumper in position) then first start by putting the sides in first (Don’t add the bolts under the boot lid just yet) and make sure the bolts are tight, and that the gaps are straight and level. There are a couple of ways to do this, one way (i would say the best way) is to use bolts under the car and double sided sticky trim tape (can get this from Halfords or a local body shop) and install this along the top edge of the side skirt. If you look under the car, you will notice bolt holes, this is where the ST Side skirts bolt onto. James Simpson University Graduate from Teesside, currently residing in the big city of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.
Hi I have had a lot of trouble clicking my st front bumper into my standard lx front panel, it fits but is very loose, do I need to buy an st front panel to make it secure.
I have just bought a Ford focus Estate and was wondering if you know if i could just use the list you listed above or whether i would have to get other parts and if i would, would you happen to know where i could buy them from.
Did you have to do any re-wiring to the wing mirrors so the indicators worked on the upgraded ones? Yes, I actually just wired the mirror light clusters into the side indicator terminals on mine, with the wire coming out of the grommet connecting the door to the car. Does anyone know if the end caps from a 3 door set of side skirts are the same as whats used on a 5 door set or where i could find this info out?

Hi Graham, Yes the end caps are the same for the 3 door and 5 door, just the main side skirts are different. You cannot fit the ST exhaust to the car due to the backbox going where the spare wheel well is, the only way to do this is to fit an aftermarket one.
Hi Jason, It may come as an issue come MOT time, but you can buy the wiring loom and fit the fog lights yourself. Nope you do not need to change the shocks on 30mm Eibach springs, the standard shocks will work just fine (although the lifespan of the shocks may shorten).
Hi just wondering if the standard bumper under tray fits the st bumper and also where did you get your exhaust done? The standard under-tray fits, but you also need a new lip at the front of the under-tray too (I forget the part number though). The exhaust was done by Piper Exhausts – they used my old car as their development car, thus you can buy the exhaust off the shelf via their website. I have a Mk 2 Sport in tonic and have toyed with the idea of detailing the car with ST parts. Your listing of the Ford finis no’s is very helpful and gives people an insight into what sort of outlay and difficulty they will face if they want to try a similar project. It is nice but at the end of the day its still not an ST and under the bonnet is where a car counts so why not just buy an ST instead of wasting money on a replica? I didnt brand the car as an ST at all – and it cost me no more than running an ST for a month to change it to look like that. It doesn’t matter what style focus you have, as long as its a MK2 Focus (not the facelift) this guide will work. I got all of my parts from eBay, but you can also look in scrap yards, of if your feeling flush, you can obtain everything from Ford. Hi james ive got a 2008 st3, could you tell me if a pre facelift spoiler will fit the facelift model. The side skirts are bolted on underneath, and also using double sided tape (car spec – 3M) onto the top of the car. This process is pretty easy, but can be expensive (although I managed to get my bits rather cheap as no one had done this before).

You will need to jack the car up and remove the two front wheels, you will then need to remove the front wheel arch lining (these are held on by Torx screws), once this is done, there are two bolts each side holding the front bumper in. Carefully pull the clips on each side of the locking mechanism and slide the lock out slowly, while pulling the grill out.
First you need to jack the rear end of the car up, and remove both rear wheels (use axle stands to hold the car up). Interests in the automotive industry and technology, and blogging about things which I feel would interest the readers of the world wide web. I have noticed some have been listed on eBay as st front pannels and others that specify not st. Yep im badging it up aswell for all the replica haters, my car, my money, up to me and if i want the speed, ill take the cossie out the garage for a blast but the focus is used everyday so pointless buying a real one doing the miles i have to do. Back in the day, it was worth it, as I was one of the first to attempt the conversion, so managed to get the parts cheap. I fitted my rear bumper yesterday and have found a duplex exhaust to fit, however I’m a bit concerned as I have two, what look like, brackets hanging down that will obscure the tail pipes from sitting snug in the two tailpipe holes in the bumper? I haven’t read all the comments but I was wondering if you can facelift a 2006 focus st to a 2008 and if so do you know what is required parts wise?
If the part(s) you desire are not in stock on the day the order is placed, we ask to allow 7-10 days for receipt of the goods.
If you didnt pretend it was an ST then okay but driving about so folk think its an ST is just sad. Fits 2011,2012, Nissan Juke.If a Damaged bumper is displayed, it is for reference purposes only. This car is now driving somewhere around Leeds, as the new owner has been in touch with me a few times. Oh, and don’t tar all ST owners with the same brush, not all of us are as ignorant and arrogant as you.

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