No mercado brasileiro desde 1997, o Ford Ka veio conquistando cada vez mais o publico do pais, principalmente as mulheres, por ser um carro compacto e “bonitinho”. Deixe um comentario Cancelar respostaVoce precisa fazer o login para publicar um comentario. While the current Mustang is slavishly, unimaginatively retro, Ford has pretty much mined out its glory days, the as-yet unrealized Mustang II redux notwithstanding. The next Mustang will have at least one retro cue, though: an available turbocharged four-cylinder engine. After half a century of log-axle Mustangs with only one brief experiment with an independently suspended rear end (the 1999–2004 SVT Cobra), Ford will hang a split-and-jointed drive axle beneath the 2015 Mustang's hindquarters. Absent from the lineup since the 1986 SVO, the forced-induction four returns in the guise of Ford's EcoBoost 2.0-liter, which makes 252 horsepower in the Focus ST.

Ford isn't going to miss the opportunity to throw the Mustang one heck of a 50th birthday party. O carro vem equipado com um motor 1.0 flex de 70 cavalos de potencia na gasolina e 73 cavalos no alcool e tracao nas rodas dianteiras.
Considering that both the Chevrolet Camaro and Dodge Challenger already have independent rears, it's not quite as revolutionary as "We hold these truths . Many Mustang faithful are up in arms at the ­prospect of Ford's next hot rod looking too much like the 2011 Evos concept car, but we have confidence. Don't expect that figure to change much for the Mustang, where the 2.0 will sit between the car's two currently available engines. O cambio e manual de 6 velocidades (sendo uma a re), freios hidraulicos e um razoavel porta malas de 263 litros.

The Blue Oval can't afford to leave the Camaro ZL1 unchallenged, and so another GT500 is a certainty; less certain, however, is what will power it. Pedestrian-protection standards will restrict the underhood clearances in the next car, cutting the space available not just for the Shelby's top-mount supercharger and intercooler, but also its tall-deck engine block.
With all engines, a six-speed manual will be standard, and we hear that an eight-speed automatic will arrive fashionably late.

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