Niemand kan de toekomst voorspellen, maar dat wil niet zeggen dat we er niet over na moeten denken. 2007 ford edge power train problems car recalls arfc, 2007 ford edge problem with power train.
2012 ford edge electrical system problems arfc, 2012 ford edge problem with electrical system. More Galleries NYDN back pages of 2016 NYDN front pages of 2016 Late night out? Join today and you can easily save your favourite articles, join in the conversation and comment, plus select which news your want direct to your inbox. The aims behind forcing car makers to close were superficial, and the ramifications will be dreadful. Real average wages are falling, unemployment is up, the quality of work is declining (fewer full-time jobs), the terms of trade have moved adversely, manufacturing is so parlous we may soon even lose our ability to make steel, capital investment has slumped, and the banks are forced to invest in a wildly overheated property market because there's no industrial expansion to speak of.Some of these indicators are heading south thanks to international factors, but several are distinctly the result of partisan policy-making and blind-eye turning, such as the deliberate under-manning of inspectors to supervise the Section 457 foreign employee program.

But the coup de grace that will deliver Australia into recession is the shabby deal by Treasurer Joe Hockey and then-Acting Prime Minister Warren Truss to force the carmakers to shut down their manufacturing operations.The aims were superficial.
The Government would save a few dollars by cancelling the Automotive Transformation Scheme, and the Nationals would get a few cents to distribute to rural voters on marginal farming land.A That was, apparently, as far as the economic planning went in their little plan. The normal cycle in the car industry is three years for upgrades and six years for a complete new model. There are several indicators pointing in this direction, but what will guarantee the slide into the economic doldrums will be the fallout from the Abbott government's first policy "initiative".The current bleak backdrop has set the scene. The number of negative economic indicators seems to grow every time a new set of statistics is released.
The iceberg is still to come.When all the car factories close, that will add about 12,500 people to the dole queue.
So if 200,000 automotive workers lose their jobs, that will represent more than 21 per cent of the entire manufacturing workforce.Yet no one in the Abbott government seems to be aware of the calamity that is quickly approaching.

It is going to be a body blow, not just toA unemployment levels and welfare payments, but also to manufacturing output due to the loss of $29 billion in local value-adding. That's a pretty good return on any investment, and one unlikely to be emulated by Truss's agricultural sector.Some of Hockey's calculations have proved wide of the mark in the past two years, where his performance as a predictor of national debt has made former treasurer Wayne Swan look like Nostradamusa€‹. When those people lose their spending power and start drawing on the public purse, there will be a recession all right. It's just a question of how deep, and forA how long.Ian Porter is a manufacturing analyst and a former business editor of The Age.

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