Yes this is a pretty amature question but i don't seem to have my engine manual and i don't really want to pursue to completely disassembling my engine just to see whether the 2000 Cougar MTX 2.5l 24 valve DOHC engine uses a timing belt or a timing chain. Slide the transfer case rearward off the transmission output shaft and lower the transfer case from the vehicle.
Slide the transfer case forward on to the transmission output shaft and onto the dowel pin. Match-mark the front and rear driveshaft yokes and pinion flange and the rear driveshaft yoke and rear output flange. One of the things I got done before the Christmas trip was to fix the Ford "dummy oil gauge". As detailed on this site and many others, the oil pressure "gauge" on many Fords is a gauge all right, but is rigged up to only indicate mid-scale.

On my 1993 Aero (3.0l), removing the instrument cluster is more difficult than it first appears. The hole you have to work through, and the oil pressure switch (grey) that you are replacing with a real sending unit. With the cluster mod and the sending unit instead of a snap switch, the oil pressure gauge is a real gauge now. As DRCB mentions, I replaced all the 194 general illumination lamps with 194LL (long life) lamps while I was in there. Model cars & trucks plastic model car kits squadron, Model car truck and semi truck kits at squadron. Otherwise, the weight of the driveshaft can pinch the boot between the shaft and the boot can and cause the boot to tear.

Loosen, but do not remove, the two nuts retaining the transmission mount to the crossmember. If new bolts are required, be sure to install only the specific Ford transfer case to transmission bolts. This is not a necessary step and some people will argue that you actually need to set your toe-in with your wheels on the ground.
For the record, I have not had any problems with my method only and bring this information to your attention so that you can decide which method you would like to use.

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