Ford will revealed no less than three different custom 2011 Ford Explorer SUVs at the 2010 SEMA tuning show in Las Vegas. Funkmaster Flex collaborated with Team Baurtwell to show the urban appeal of their custom 2011 Ford Explorer, Galpin Auto Sports threw in as much luxury as possible and CGS Motorsports went monochromatic.
The all-new Ford Explorer has been turning heads with its eye-catching, modern design, and things will be no different when it hits the floor of the SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) show this year, which will be held Nov.
For the 2010 SEMA show, Explorer will take to the Ford stand along with customized versions of Ford Taurus SHO, Edge and Fusion Sport, as well as the all-new Lincoln MKX.
The design that sets this Explorer apart starts with the exterior, with custom touches from Team Baurtwell and Funkmaster Flex including custom logos.
The custom interior shows off its luxury side with a leather-trimmed headliner that has suede running down the center, a look thata€™s replicated on the seat inserts. CGS Performance Productsa€™ take on Explorer shows off what a luxury vehicle for an active customer looks like.

The luxury details are evident in the built-in video screens in the headrests, 22-inch silver wheels and the complete custom leather interior thata€™s designed to resemble the links on a watch band. For this year's SEMA show, the Blue Oval employed the help of three different tuners to show the customization possibilities offered by the new generation 2011 Ford Explorer. The Explorers on the show floor will open up customersa€™ minds as to the possibilities that can be created with the all-new SUV. The interior offers Katzkin two-tone leather seats with custom interior accents and Funkmaster Flex logos. An iPad pops up from the second-row console, and is viewable in either landscape or portrait mode. The look runs throughout the monochromatic silver Explorer, and is completed by two carbon fiber mountain bikes on the roof rack. A CGS cat-back exhaust provides more power, a throatier sound, and even improved fuel economy.

The custom shops that modified the three 2011 Ford Explorer SUVs for the 2010 SEMA show include: CGS Motorsports, Funkmaster Flex, and Galpin Auto Sports. Unfortunately, we'll have to wait a little longer for some power, performance and handling upgrades for the new 2011 Ford Explorer.
The look is highlighted by three-piece forged billet wheels, which are complemented by 24-inch Cooper tires. Another Explorer concept, designed by Galpin Auto Sports, takes a vehicle with luxury appointments and makes it into an ultra-luxurious ride that even James Bond would enjoy. Using the character as their inspiration, the Galpin team used 24-inch wheels, custom silver paint on the exterior and modified exterior light treatments to convey that image.

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