If you want the 2015 Edge, be prepared for a vehicle that looks more truck-like in front and thus, to many people, safer-looking.
For people who are buying, we want to give them some idea of what the car is like and how features are configured. Andy – ExtremeTech covers car technology as the tech aspects (self-driving, telematics) and reviews of cars of interest where we spend most of our time in the tech features.
Last time many drivers checked their mirrors, one of the Bush family was in the White House.
From the front and front three-quarters you’ll see strong influences of the Ford Explorer SUV and its clamshell hood.
I couldn’t wait until this vehicle came out, that I turned my Fusion in early to get it as soon as I could.
Although I love the 2015 edge, I am disappointed with the way the door bottoms collect all the grime and dirt. What are the Best Dog Seat Belts, Restraint Devices & Pet Barriers for Cars, Trucks & SUVs?
When traveling in the car with your pets, you want to ensure that they’re safe at all times. Because safety is important, you want to make sure you’re choosing the best dog seat belt or dog booster seat on the market. Dog seat belts and harnesses, like the Ruff Rider dog seat belt harness, keep your pets secure in their seat.
If you’re taking your pet on an airplane, you need to make sure you have just the right dog carrier or car kennel to keep them safe and comfortable on the journey. Find out which pet travel accessories other pet lovers can’t leave home without when you check out the pet travel reviews on our website. Having done some research on the car seat, I settled on the Maxi Cosi Easy Fix Isofix Base. Some further research showed that the C-Max Isofix fitting are (or at least were in 2006) a free option at the time of purchase.
And that is the point of this blog post because, in order to fit the Isofix fittings, you need to cut through the fabric (or leather) covering of your rear seats!
I hope that the information here gives others the confidence to carry out this job themselves. First you probably need to remove the rear seat that you want to install the new Isofix fittings to. To do this you fold down the seatback and then lift the handle which is revealed at the back of the base and fold the whole seat towards the front.
The seatbelt buckle is secured by an elastic strap to help prevent it being lost down the gap between seats – it helps if you separate the two. If you look in the Isofix fitting kit box, you should find two black plastic fitting guides, two templates for cutting the seat and a label for the seat back.
The template with the two sets of four holes is to help you cut the trim in the correct places.
I reasoned that this way I could perhaps join the fabric back together if it all went wrong. When you have cut all the way through to reveal the whole metal bar you can try to push the plastic guide into the hole. It might be quite difficult to push the plastic guide all the way through and you may need to cut more of the foam away to allow room. When both guides are fitted you should find that it all looks quite neat with no visible signs of the fabric cuts you have made. The only thing left to do now is to stick the label to the back of the seat in a location that’s easily visible. If you try this, or have anything further to add, I’d be really interested to hear how you got on so please leave a comment below. Updated on 1 January 2013: We have now changed to a 59 plate (2009) C-Max and I can confirm that these instructions are both required and valid† for that age of vehicle.
Hi Dan, I still have kits available if you want to purchase one using the links on this page. Per gli italiani: sulla mia Ford Focus C-Max del 2006 questo kit (che in concessionario Ford davano come incompatibile) funziona perfettamente! Installed the Maxi-Cosi FamilyFix base + CabrioFix seat and it works a treat, green lights and everything.
Well I have removed the storage compartment lid and the support leg fits OK and shows a green light, so who is right? Hello, just wondered if this would work for the besafe izi iisofix base are they just a standard fretting. Also wanted to add – I found it easier enough just doing it in the car without removing the seats.
Fantastic advice, we live in Dublin have a 2005 ford focus cmax zetec and just followed your guide step by step – cost was €18 for kit and €2 for P&P so total €20!! Hi Ruth, I’m pleased to hear from you and I agree, it does seem crazy what the dealerships charge!
Apologies if this has already been asked and I’ve missed it, but would this fit an Isofix Semi-Universal E5 (03171) base?
I would be very grateful if you could provide the ford part number for the isofix retro kit as they were unwilling to sell me the part unless I could provide the number myself.
I also got the foam fillers to go into the underfloor storage as the 08 manual does mention using them with the leg supported ISOFIX bases.
I used the information on this forum to fit the Isofix kit to my wife’s 08 plate C max. I posted upthread re fitting a seat base that we were buying from a friend, we’ve decided to give it a go! Just wanted to say we’ve just followed your instructions and fitted isofix to our 55 plate Cmax. I noticed the comment above from Rob about not having to make cuts into his leather seats and wondered if it would be the same with my fabric seats.
I found this extremely interesting with regards to the teathering and the floor storage compartments. Head out on the highway and you notice an exceptional level of quietness at speed, thanks to the acoustic laminated windshield glass and, on the two top trim lines, Sport and Titanium. I like the new Edge because it’s much improved over the previous generation, but it is FAR from luxury.
This sounds like you didn’t even drive it but mostly reading off marketing materials. There were other authors from other automotive sites that would describe features like they drove it but it turned out they didn’t. Now you know that the mostly-tech package costs five large because $1500 covers the panoramic sunroof.
I know all the good stuff is funded by advertising, which is completely fine, as I probably would not have paid for ET upfront. From the side view, if you see the Edge in person, it looks like what it is – a crossover that could be mistaken for an SUV. Driver door is not too bad, but the passenger doors in the back have dirt and grime vertically as well as horizontally.
But, because there are so many to choose from, it might seem like an overwhelming decision to make. This way, you don’t have to worry about them jumping out the window, crawling into the driver’s spot, or sliding around when the car’s motion.

Brands like Motor Trend by PetEgo have a whole line of airline approved dog carriers that are stylish and comfortable. We make it easy for you to compare top styles and brands, so you can be sure you’re getting the best accessories for your pet travel needs.
Due to an impending new edition to the family, we wanted a car that has Isofix anchor points for the car seat which the old Focus didn’t have. Presumably this is because all these cars actually have the anchor points, it just depends whether the first owner has any use for them.
You need to pull both levers to release the seat (try pulling the seat slightly away from the front seat and then rock side-to-side across the car to ease it out). You could use the holes to mark the cover or punch holes in it – it basically gives you the four corners of the hole you need to cut.
There’s no functional need to stick this label to the seat and I think it only refers to Isofix bases secured with a top tether, rather than the adjustable support leg that our Maxi-Cosi has (which I believe is safer). The yellow arms click into position by pushing them into the guides until they lock over the metal bar you now have access to. It too works fine† in the C-Max – all indicators showing green, again with the leg at its fullest extension. I’ve had Isofix on a 2008 Focus, it also needs a special kit, but at least you don’t need to cut the seats for that! I have heard that the Kuga one is compatible but ford were adamant that this only works on mk2 cmax.This would be my preferred option rather than stretching the leg down to the bottom of the compartment although happy to do that if this is the only option. We have all the bits that we need, but would prefer not to just ‘wing it’ with a sharp knife! Like many others, you have saved me from having a nervous breakdown and also from a very unnecessary, hefty bill!
Much to my delight, I haven’t had to cut into the fabric at all or remove the back seat to do the work! We’ve got a 2008 ford cmax titanium but i don’t really know how to know if they are there or not?
I’m pretty sure that a 53 plate will have the anchor points fitted under the surface of the fabric (or leather). I have been reading ET for quite a while now and I am not really interested in the car articles (unless they relate to extreme tech like self driving etc). These extenders are ideal for those who can't otherwise buckle their seat belts, which may include some plus-sized people, police officers with bulky utility belts, people with limited mobility or range of motion and many others. Sometimes, this means confining your pets to the back seat, so they don’t distract you at the wheel.
When it comes to crafting the best pet travel accessories that ensure comfort and safety for your pets, certain brands stand out from the rest.
And, when you use a dog seat cover, like the DogAbout seat protector, you don’t have to worry about your dog’s claws destroying your upholstery. You are paying for their labour, but it’s not a job that required technical expertise. It can be quite tricky to get the seat to come out and it’s quite heavy, so watch your back as you lift. As you remove more and more of the foam, you should start to feel the metal Isofix bar underneath.
However I thought it was good to use the label as it could be useful to a future buyer who may use a different Isofix base.
Start off with a smallish hole, you can always get bigger later (can’t do it the other way round!). I have just got off the phone with my local ford dealership who were completely unhelpful and just kept telling me it could not be done with the Mk1 cmax. Ford calls them inflatable seat belts, and at $195 a pair, they improve safety and make a great conversation starter.Handling is much improved from the first-generation Edge, even without the sport tuning of the Ford Edge Sport, the top trim line.
Please consider the possibility that the reviewer isn’t regurgitating the press releases but describing a very good car. Tech should be the key takeaway from the review and if you and others say you’re reading too much about leather seating surfaces, we take that into consideration. Those dimwits themselves have the option not to buy the devices, and if their used car comes with them, they can be disabled. Speaking of the early generation Windstar, it is hard to believe the same bankrupt (not money-bankrupt) company created Windstar and two decades later rolled out Edge. A week later, I find out the 2015 Ford Edge is not being shipped due to moonroof sealing and leakage issues at the plant. I consider this a major design flaw and am surprised no one seems to be addressing this problem. Extender Styles We offer four different extender styles: Regular Extenders are made of woven seat belt webbing material just like the seat belts in your car. When you use dog car seats or a pet barrier, you can ensure that your pets only roam the areas of the vehicle that are safe for them and for you. You’ll want to choose from top brands like Kurgo and Canine Covers to guarantee the best for your pets. You will find that, when the adjustable support leg is fully extended into the base of the storage area, the base is really sturdy and the green indicator lights are showing (indicating it has been fitted correctly†). Funny you mention it actually as I’m just about to put together a blog post for fitting the Focus kit – watch this space! 1 retofit kit and 1 foam filler (I have only installed the isofix onto one seat for now) cost me ?45.
You can then push all the foam which is covering the anchor points underneath the metal bar. The standard 2.0-liter four-cylinder twin-scroll turbo (EcoBoost) engine, a new design, is passably quick, produces 245 hp, and is now rated for towing (3,500 pounds).
The new Edge will likely continue as a sales leader in two-row crossovers and improve on last year’s 108,000 US sales.
One also will not find in the Ford material any mention of adaptive cruise control being dated, blind spot warning needing a bit more warning, or the Edge’s quote head-up display (Ford actually used those words) being no more than the dozen and a half red LEDs that reflect off the windshield as forward collision warning. We want you (a potential car buyer) or you (someone who knows cars and gets quizzed by car-buyer friends) to know what looks good. Rigid Extenders stand upright and may have a slight bend to flexibly accommodate a variety of needs. This base is not yet on the list of those approved for use with the C-Max and I think this is because of the false floor panels covering the storage areas in the footwells. Of course this does mean that you can no longer use the false floor lid, but I just push this forward slightly so that it still covers most of the gap. I noticed that there is a plastic bar which can be unclipped and pushed to the front exposing the foam, then I pushed the foam through and pulled the flap of leather, plastic bar and foam back under the Isofix bar exposing the catches.
I ended up going with Maxi Cosi Cabriofix baby car seat (x2) Maxi Cosi Familyfix IsoFix base (x2).
Then bring the plastic bar and flap of fabric also under the metal bar and clip back into place. The 315 hp, 2.7-liter twin-turbo V6, offered only on the high-end Edge Sport, is quicker still. Ford also has the second-best-selling crossover, any size, in the compact Ford Escape (300,000 sales) behind only the Honda CR-V (335,000) and the best-selling large crossover in the Ford Explorer (210,000 sales). I doubt most people are going to load it up to BMW price range just to experience all the features and tech they don’t use most of the time or want to pay for it. However, I have found that this base fits just fine (with safety indicators showing green†) if the support leg is fully extended into the base of the storage area (i.e.

Ford is a leading example of how the top automakers are shifting sales from sedans to crossovers and SUVs.
Adjustable Extenders add varying lengths to your seat belt - useful when a different length is required in the summer and winter. Above 20 mph, almost nothingWhat Ford did perhaps may not be clever – except compared with the competition. Much of the goodness of the Ford Edge will likely cross over to the next-generation Lincoln MKX, its upmarket sibling.
Just thought I would post this as has saved damaging the leather seats, not sure if it would work with cloth. It meant I could have full access to the foam to make my cuts and then cut the fabric last once it was pulled back into position. Without this blog I would never have had the confidence to order the parts myself and give it a go so thank you so so much!
The Edge design team compiled a list of every driver assist and tech feature buyers might want in a mainstream or luxury midsize crossover, then made most of it available. The Safe Option All Seat Belt Extender Pros extenders are E4 Certified, a European safety standard, and labeled accordingly. The basic trio of driver aids is offered: lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control, and blind spot detection. Fast, Free Shipping Not only do we offer the highest quality items on the market at the best prices - we also ship them to you FAST & FREE! You can set it to all off, lane departure warning on, or lane keep assist on, where the Edge pulls itself back from the lane edge automatically. Trust the Leading Brand As the #1 seller of extenders in the world, Seat Belt Extender Pros is the brand you can trust.
You can also set three levels of lane correction aggressiveness (all of them easily overridden by the driver).
With an uncompromising focus on quality, industry-leading expertise, the widest selection of colors, lengths and styles and a complete devotion to customer satisfaction, we strive to earn your trust every day. If you cross the lane marker line, the warning is a vibration in the steering wheel, not a beep the whole car hears.
We will never knowingly disappoint you, and if you're dissatisfied, we'll work hard to turn your experience into a positive one. I found LKA worked three or four times in a row, then the next time it slid over the lane marking. Risk Free Returns & Disclaimer All the different seats in a car may have different seat belts, and seat belts in the same car model may vary by year and country.
This product is only intended to click in the precise make, model, year and seat specified in the listing title for the country of the store it was originally listed in. If you flick the turn signal to change lanes and there’s still a car in your blind spot, the indicator light blinks. That's why this listing is part of our risk-free return program, and we'll take care of all shipping in both directions if need be. On the Edge test cars I drove, I sensed the BSD advance warning came a bit later than on high-end German cars, though not so late as to be unsafe.
However, read and abide by your car manufacturer's owner's manual prior to installation or use of this product, which may not be compatible with your car.
Ford pairs its blind sport information system with rear-cross traffic alert, for when you back out of a parking spot in a busy parking lot.Ford installs a legacy adaptive cruise control (ACC) on the new Edge. Failure to read and abide by manufacturer's warning regarding purchase, use and installation could result in serious injury. Ford ACC only works at speeds above 20 mph at a time when the industry is fast moving to stop-and-go (also called full-range) ACC. Such unnecessary use, including with child restraints, could result in serious personal injury or death.
Traditional ACC such as Ford’s works passably on long vacation drives where highway traffic moves steadily. Stop-and-go ACC takes the hassle out of daily urban highway commuting where speeds vary from 65 mph to 40 to 10 to stopped and back up to 65.
Ford describes its forward collision alert array of 18 red LEDs at the base of the windshield (right) that reflects off the windshield as a head-up display, which is a stretch. But it does work well.New Edge gets old Ford SyncThis will be one of the last new Fords or Lincolns introduced with the older, second-generation Ford Sync. A Ford spokeswoman did say Sync 3 would roll into existing models at a model year change or at a mid-life refresh, meaning Sync 3 could be on the 2016 Edge. Typing an address into the Sync 2 navigation component will always be sluggish; you have to pause between letters when typing.
For perpendicular parking, parking assist backs you in, but not head-in, because a car cuts a sharper turn when the steered wheels are in back. With rear and 180-degree front cameras for maneuvering, it begs the question of why the front (only) has a washer. And why not add two more in the side mirrors for a birds-eye surround view, to improve the accuracy of parking in tight spaces or backing out of a narrow driveway?Adaptive cruise control ought to step up to stop-and-go ACC. Blind spot detection needs a more aggressive driver alert, such as a wheel wheel shaker or seat vibration, not a beep. The upscale Titanium and Sport lines could offer cooled as well as heated rear seats, along with integrated second row side window shades. If Ford replaced the mechanical shift lever in the console with a dash-mounted shift lever or buttons, there’d be room for more console cubbyholes and a bigger storage bin for tablets and small laptops. The door pockets no longer are big enough to hold Double Gulps (64 ounces at 7-Eleven), but perhaps that just as well for America’s health. Ford could follow with Sync and emergency 911 calling as the base on all cars, and telematics on the higher trim lines.What a Ford Edge costsThe 2015 Ford Edge starts at $29,000 for a rental fleet caliber Edge SE, up through the Edge SEL (volume leader), then two premium trim lines, the Edge Titanium and the Edge Sport that hits the mid-forties fully equipped. A front-drive Edge SEL with with Sync and MyFord Touch (the 8-inch touch screen), and leather trimmed seats is $34,000, or $35,500 with a tech package of navigation, blind spot detection, and a 110-volt power outlet.Starting with the Titanium edition, you get an Edge that might pass for a luxury crossover. Only the Edge Titanium and Sport offer adaptive cruise control, at $1,300.The range-topping Edge Sport rolls in a lot of features as standard, retunes the suspension, makes 20-inch wheels standard, and swaps to a noticeably quicker twin-turbo V6, the only engine choice for Sport. When you add an option, you often create a conflict and have to click to show your agreement to the change, even if it’s as minor as agreeing to switch from regular to perforated leather when you choose ventilated front seats.
Some displayed options that appear to be standalone, such as blind spot detection, are not.
It has stop-and-go adaptive cruise control, blind spot detection, surround view cameras, and moving object detection, but not lane departure warning. This is the main competition and perhaps even more than Edge, can be mistaken for a luxury crossover. The Toyota Highlander is especially capable and provides three rows of seats in a vehicle four inches longer (same width and height as Edge) and with wireless phone charging, and costs about the same as the Edge, although most of the tech is on pricier trim lines. It lacks stop-and-go adaptive cruise control, automated parking assist, and xenon headlamps. Automakers often say midsize two- and three-row crossovers and SUVs compete in different markets. If the price is similar, an Edge shopper might look at the three-row Santa Fe and Toyota Highlander, because you can always leave the third row folded flat.

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