Since it is based on the Ford Ranger, the Everest is a proper off-roader with changes made to both the exterior and interior to give it a more premium feel to it. For the interior, the 7-seater Everest comes with SYNC2 infotainment system with an 8-inch touchscreen display, two USB ports, 240-volt socket for the second row, 12-volt outlets in the front and second rows, and the trunk. The only petrol engine offered for the Everest is the turbocharged 2.0-litre 4-cylinder engine, mated to a 6-speed automatic transmission. There is no word that the 2015 Ford Everest will ever come to the GCC, but we heard a while ago that Ford was at least interested in the idea of offering it here again. And I would also like to note, the amount of safety equipment on this masterpiece is enough to send toyota into hysterics.
You guys need to make the difference between Toyota as a brand and Prado as a model and what the local dealer decides to sell here! As for the Americans, yes, there was a time when they weren’t as reliable here but things have changed and as you rightly said their strategy is to offer more for less money to attract more buyers.
Fortuner is an old generation 4×4 that has its buyers due to low price, reliability and toughness.
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Land Rover has officially announced the 2015 Range Rover LWB, a long-wheelbase model specifically designed for chauffeur-loving markets such as China, and apparently the GCC as well, because the stretched offroader is going to be launched at the 2013 Dubai Motor Show. Oddly enough, the extra length does not show in the rear doors in these photos because we later found out these are photos of the regular-wheelbase model.
Land Rover is also offering a new Autobiography Black trim level that offers further customization.
Update: The LWB model never showed up at the Dubai Motor Show, instead debuting at the Los Angeles Motor Show a few weeks later. Visual changes include LED daytime running lights, aluminium front and rear underbody protection and a chrome front grille. It certainly looks like a better option than other truck-based midsize 4x4s currently available. You have created a car that not only batters the Overly confident competition, but you have done it with class. Please offer this here ford, because if you do you will destroy all of toyota’s fortuners, and all owners of fortuners will want an Everest, but that is if they have a brain. Prado is an amazing machine, only that the dealer wants to make a lot of money and sell Prado’s and LC’s that are poorly equipped! It’s based on a truck because in many of those countries where is marketed you need a truck to put up with the quality of the roads.
The 2015 model will be the first long-wheelbase Range Rover in 20 years, with 140 mm of extra legroom and double the recline angle for the rear seats, which are available either as a bench or individual seats. This is in addition to the Autobiography package that is already offered on all regular-sized Range Rover models.

However the market is set up in such a way that preference(by way of re-sale value etc.) is given to Japanese cars.
It was created for markets where Prado and LC’ s were too expensive for ppl to afford. Rear passengers get to use automatic window blinds, a panoramic sunroof and a sliding front passenger seat for even more legroom. First customer deliveries start in March 2014, with Autobiography Black models coming in August 2014. I suspect even Autoweek found out later and added that line, because no other publication has caught it either. Ford chose another marketing approach and sells cars very well equipped in order to fight the strong competition from the japanese brands. Unless the public change their buying habits, thereby forcing the Japanese brands to change their strategy, things will continue to remain the same. Well done for Ford and hopefully the buyers will become more aware and ask for better equipped cars from the japanese and korean dealers!

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