The three that are underneath the intake plenum are the COP coils for cylinders #1, #2 and #3 (cylinder #1 is the one closest to the serpentine belt). These three can not be easily tested like the ones that are on the engine bank that is closest to the radiator. The photo of the fuel pump relay (in the fuse box) in this article is of a Ford Escape (Mazda Tribute). TIP 3: Testing the COP coils on your Ford Escape may require removing the top part of the intake manifold (known as the intake manifold plenum).

TIP 4: When removing the plastic intake manifold plenum, you've got to be extra careful nothing falls into the open Intake Ports.
Once the plenum is off the intake manifold, stuff clean rags into the 6 open ports to prevent any foreign object (like a bolt) from falling inside.
The most common symptom of a BAD COP ignition coil on your Ford Escape is a misfire condition.
This smell is caused by unburned gasoline from the misfiring cylinder overloading the catalytic converter's oxidation process.

You'll test and diagnose the Ford coil pack on the car or truck with some very basic tools.
If your vehicle is not a Ford Escape, you'll need to consult your owner's manual or a repair manual for the location of the fuel pump relay on your specific vehicle.

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