Ford is America’s truck leader, and the F-150 leads the blue oval automaker’s lineup as the best-selling pickup truck in America.
Fans of F-Series pickup trucks have been wishing for a diesel version of the F-150 for decades now. Also, we have plenty of current generation Ford F-150’s on our lot right now here at Grand Ledge Ford.
The F-150 is unquestionably one of our best-selling vehicles here at Grand Ledge Ford, and has been for decades.
Well, we are happy to announce that their wish is about to become a reality in the near future. However, there were recently spy videos taken of Ford testing an F-150 with a rumbling diesel engine.

As a result, we like to keep our customers in the loop with any news, updates and rumors about this iconic truck.
We have officially learned that Ford is planning to release a diesel Ford F-150 in the 2018 model year, and we couldn’t be any more excited about it.
Ford has seen the success of vehicles such as the Ram EcoDiesel, so they know there is a market for this type of truck. Therefore, we expect that this new truck will be unveiled at one of the major auto shows sometime next year.
This part caused a fire on an F-150 on the production line in the Dearborn plant on November 16,2010. We can even set you up with a test drive while you are here so that you can experience this amazing pickup truck for yourself.

We have learned from several sources that the 2018 Ford F-150 is getting a diesel engine for its mid-generational refresh. However, we will be sure to provide you with additional updates as they become available to us. dr ed young opiniones
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