Its a transmission cooler, I had the same setup as you called the dealer ran the vin for some reason came with transmission cooler but no hitch.
Before removing the radiator cap, be sure to put your hand on top of the engine to check if it is hot. After you dispose the old coolant, close the drain plug and fill the radiator with distilled water.
Check here to see if you got what it takes to replace your radiator before paying a professional.
I just figured out that the fuse for the power window relay is the same fuse as the interior light.
73,707 views on this thread has to be a record of some sort for looing at fuse assignments. Yeah i was gonna put mine on yours too but i didnt wanna seem like i was cutting in on the awesome job you did. Yea my work has a whole box that are samples from different companys that they saod after there done testing in a month i can have all of them.

I have plans in my head lol the hours of thought are about 10x more then the build time lmao. Since I am wondering because i have one(looks like a mini radiator under the radiator), but dont have a tow hitch. The trans cooler if you have one sits just in front of the radiator just behind the bumper.
It circulates coolant through the engine to ensure it stays cool under any driving condition.
You don't need to raise the Dodge Ram since it's a high truck with enough room for this job.
I have 2 lights for the front and 2 more coming, then doing a couple rear facing ones one my back rack and a led strip for the rear brake light on it too.
So i dont really wanna go buying some when i have probly 10+ pairs coming my way in about a month. If i knew how to use cad or had cad in general i would liked to build it on there just to see it first and send it to people if they wanted something the same.

Our site is specifically designed for you and it's a great place for Ford F150 Fans to meet online.Once you join you'll be able to post messages, upload pictures of your truck, and have a great time with other Ford F150 fans. It's recommended you perform a radiator flush once a year to prevent the truck from overheating. You will need to drain the radiator and fill it with distilled water, then drain it again a few times more. It's one of the most underrated maintenance you can do for your truck, and the benefit is remarkable.

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