Slated to be presented to the South American public at the Sao Paulo Auto Show in November, the mid-cycle refresh for the Ford EcoSport will bring proper styling to the mini sport utility vehicle. Speaking of the EU, the facelifted Ford EcoSport for the European market will go into production at the Blue Oval’s plant in Craiova, Romania. The major changes inside will come in the form of a different three-spoke steering wheel, the SYNC 2 infotainment system, an updated instrument panel, revised HVAC controls, and rectangular air vents. The most common cause of a blown head gasket is that the engine overheated because: 1) fan clutch is not working, 2) All of the coolant leaked out of the engine and you kept driving it this way. 1Pop the hood on your 3.8L GM car or mini-van and once open, check the engine oil by pulling out the engine's oil dipstick. And no, the spare wheel at the rear won’t make it into production as far as the Euro specification is concerned. Thus, the Chennai plant in India will slow down production to suit demand on the domestic and surrounding markets.

On the powertrain front, not much will change with this mid-cycle update for the slow-selling EcoSport. If there’s demand for it, the Dearborn-based manufacturer will sell the EcoSport in the United States for the 2018 model year.
You have confirmed that the overheating issue is not being caused by an inoperative fan or a bad thermostat. You have already verified it's not an ignition system problem because you have spark coming out at all of the spark plug wires. The first test or the second may be enough to verify that the head gasket is blown on your GM 3.8L equipped car or mini-van, so there's a good possibility that you may not have to do all four. These said, our spy photographers caught the mid-cycle update of the EcoSport doing its thing in Europe and, to put it bluntly, the teeny-tiny SUV is far more attractive than the current model.
The global Ford B-car platform can be equipped with AWD, as proven by the Japanese specification of the current EcoSport.

You know it's not a lack of fuel, because you have verified that the fuel pump is delivering fuel to the fuel injectors. The next test is to see if the engine compression and exhaust gases are escaping thru' the cooling system (specifically the radiator).
The 2017 Ford EcoSport will borrow the front fascia design of the Edge mid-size crossover SUV. Provided that you ignore the spare wheel, the rear end hides new graphics for the taillights and a resculpted bumper.

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